Monday, November 11, 2013

Want: Tabitha Simmons Spazzolato Pump

These Spazzolato Pump by Tabitha Simmons are the perfect balance between wow and practical. There's quite a bit going on there - cutouts, a corset-inspired back, and nice hardware, but the construction is solid and will support the foot and ankle. Like Emma Watson who was just photographed wearing the Spazzolatopumps,  I wear black tights with my dresses throughout winter (Anna Wintour wouldn't approve, but I usually have a little more ground to cover than her typical limo-to-door), so this is a dressier alternative to my various knee-high boots.  A quick online search shows that these Tabitha Simmons pumps also come (came? Bergdorf doesn't stock them) is burgundy. I could go for that.

Photo: Bergdorf Goodman


  1. Stunning. I admire you for finding these somewhat practical--in my rather dull life they'd never even get beyond the front door. (But I'd take the top off their box to admire them daily!)

  2. I am jealous of people whose feet can fit and look good in these shoes. I still would need an assistant to walk in them, I'm more stable on a thicker heel.


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