Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pen Brun Beam(& Gilded Mink)

I bought a couple of Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pens, the thick eye shadow crayons, because I love the regular Endless Silky Pens so much. First was the one in Gilded Mink which I never reviewed because it was discontinued* not long after, and I liked it enough to bring home its sibling, Brun Beam.

Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pens are not quite as creamy as Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. This may be a good or a bad thing, depending on how well you get along with smudgy-to-cement textures (I love them). Pixi pens are dryer and more cream-to-powder. This means that on my lids they require a creamy primer and a stiffer brush to get a smooth and even layer of the very pretty colors. The swatches above, shown on completely bare skin demonstrate why. But once you get over the slight learning curve, these Pixi pencil shadows are a roaring success due to their longevity and versatility.

The discontinued Gilded Mink was a beautiful taupe, while Brun Beam is a dark ashy cool brown. They are classic neutrals, an easy choice on a bleary-eyed morning, as long as you can manage the texture.

Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pen Brun Beam ($18) is available from pixibeauty.com  (use code Pixishare for 20% off), and also at Target if you're brave enough to deal with the grimy display.

*Gilded Mink is now back in stock and everyone should get it.

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  1. Ha! Grimy display, indeed. They must be the same all over: our local Target is a mess. It might be worth it to venture into it just to see these beauties, though. Still, that was a very apt description; I had to laugh.


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