Sunday, November 24, 2013

House Of Cherry Bomb- Cardamom Rose

The House Of Cherry Bomb is a Brooklyn-based perfume line by Maria McElroy (of Aroma M) and Alexis Karl (Scents By Alexis, which I really need to review soon because her work is breathtaking). Alexis and Maria share a studio in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood (you can read more about the place in these blog posts by Tinsel Creation and Indie Perfumes) where their work can be sampled and purchased (see details below); the perfumers also created two fragrances that are exclusive to the atelier: Cardamom Rose and Tobacco Cognac.

Cardamom Rose is quite different from the punk rock atmosphere that characterizes the House Of Cherry Bomb. I'd say that it combines Maria McElroy's aesthetic of faraway lands with the big city sensibility of Cherry Bomb. The result is a modern and delicate perfume that goes beyond the two obvious notes of rose and cardamom. It tells a story of travel to a charming location where the air is fragrant with the spices that were just used in making the dishes that were served to you in exquisite antique plates on a table decorated with beautiful just-cut roses.

The rose is recognizable but very light here. Rose-phobic will not be suffocated by it and might actually enjoy how understated and elegant it is here. It makes me think of silk charmeuse: the delicate lightness with a substantial texture of this weave. This is the kind of rose the perfumes used for Cardamom Rose, and it lets the other elements of spice and a very light smoke shine through and add a slightly darker layer under the floral opening.

While there is an almost foody reference to the spice facet of Cardamom Rose (a Moroccan pudding? an Indian dessert?), it is not sweet at all. There's nothing loukhoumish about this House Of Cherry Bomb creation and it never veers into "yummy", just warm and inviting. If I were to continue with my fabric reference I'd say that this silk charmeuse is an antique rose color with warm brownish undertones. It's a perfect color for the warm season but also a delightful accent to the black and gray of a winter wardrobe. It puts some much-needed color in my cheeks.

Cardamom Rose by the House Of Cherry Bomb (about $40. This line is wonderfully affordable) is an exclusive to the Aroma M Atelier located on the 10th floor of 68 Jay street (#1007) in Brooklyn. The studio is open to the public on Mondays and Fridays between 1 and 6 PM (also by appointment, and you can contact them by email [email protected] which is excellent if you're an out-of-town visitor who doesn't want to miss all that NYC has to offer perfumery-wise). The sample for this review was supplied by the perfumers.

Photo: Model Jessica Stam by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue Italy, 2008.


  1. This sounds like something I will absolutely love. Need to try the Tobacco Cognac as well - two notes I rarely can resist. Love Maria McElroy's perfumes and am glad to see Alexis Karl is still creating perfumes. I'm grateful I stockpiled on some of her perfumes from her Scents by Alexis line not just because I love the scents, but also because of the flat out stunning bottles she made for them. I always say I'm not really a bottle person - that it's primarily the juice inside I care about, but there are some bottles that simply floor me with their beauty and hers are among those. They seem to have such a unique quality of being simultaneously quite modern and also very ancient, like gorgeous bottles unearthed in a Middle Eastern archaeological dig.

  2. I've just started exploring the work of these two perfumers. I've not had a chance to try Cardamom Rose, but I have tried Alexis' Body Made Luminous, which I liked very much. I've also tried Maria's Geisha Noire for Aroma M - LOVED it! I also just received a sample of their Immortal Mine - which I haven't had the chance to try yet, but looking forward to doing so because the ones I have tried have been pretty amazing so far. Thanks for putting me on to Cardamom Rose - I am sort of rose-phobic, but this seems like it would be okay.

  3. The 2 exclusives sound great, now how am I going to get these as I live on the left coast?

  4. Just contact the company and they will send you an invoice via paypal.


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