Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vintage Cornucopia Jewelry

A cornucopia is my most favorite of all the traditional images associated with Thanksgiving. Being a a weirdo vegetarian I'm as likely to decorate with a turkey as much as I am to eat it. Instead, just give me fruits, veggies, and flowers and I'm truly and fully thankful. You can tell that I've been pursuing vintage jewelry even more than usual lately. I haven't bought anything, but here are some of the pretty and joyous cornucopia jewelry I've found around the web:

Hallmark Thanksgiving Silvery Cornucopia Vintage Pin, via
Clip-on earrings (part of a set) via

A 1940s brooch via Etsy

More from Etsy: screw-back earrings. I'm very tempted.

How cool is this ring? via RubyLane and Etsy

Brooch with green beads or stones via RubyLane
For the gentlemen: Tiffany&Co, cufflinks via

Perhaps my favorite: an abstract cornucopia brooch from the 1940; a bit art deco. Via Etsy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oo they are quite nice, especially the screw back earrings!

  2. I'd never thought about how graceful the cornucopia is and its potential for jewelry.

    I'm glad I don't wear earrings, because I'd have an ethical dilemma with those screw backs. That's a great design. You often note in your Currently posts how much you are enjoying items from your vintage jewelry collection - don't hesitate too long over these! nozknoz

  3. And a Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too, Gaia! I like cornucopias as well, although never thought of collecting them. I am not much of jewelry fan and never have been; but I do have a small collection of Michael Michaud's series of botanicals; with one small sea star pin for my denim jacket. His creations always remind me of days gone by; although they are very modern indeed. You might want to look at them as they are each one a little rendition of nature's fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Have never thought about decorating with cornucopias (we also don't eat or decorate with turkeys), but am thinking we should now. Love the jewelry! Must go check out Etsy. I don't wear earrings, but a cornucopia ring or pin suddenly seems essential.

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