Monday, March 24, 2014

Sage Machado- Sage

Cucumbers are at their best fresh, just picked, give you a  good crunch as you bite into them, and living alongside tomatoes and feta cheese in my salad. I'm highly suspicious of them in perfume, as they're related to melon and ozonic notes, and represent the school of thought that perfumes should be shower fresh, scrubbed clean, and preferably not make anyone  suspect that you're wearing scent. Considering that my favorite Sage Machado perfume is Onyx, followed by the very complex Moonstone, what were the chances that I'd even remotely enjoy Sage (notes: cucumber, white sage, sweet pea, green musk, Egyptian musk ,tonka bean)?

Apparently, I know nothing. Because this sweet green floral over an almost milky musk base is lovely. Sage Machado perfumes have an incredible complexity that goes far beyond the stereotype of hippie SoCal perfume oils. They're real perfumes, with notes unfold themselves slowly and create beautiful and interesting imagery. Sage goes from the delicate green of new spring leaves to slightly salty grass on a path going down to the shore. Little clusters of delicate flowers swaying in the wind, warm sun on the skin (well, maybe in California), a silk chiffon scarf to tie your hair-- it's all there in a perfume that has a distinct outdoorsy feel.

Even the very late dry-down (and I'm talking about 12 hours after application) still retains its light green tinge. My skin brings forward the sweetness of the tonka bean, which adds some warmth to this harbinger of spring (even if it's going to snow again tomorrow).

Sage Machado- Diamond ($45, 1/8 oz perfume oil) is available from This review is based on a press sample.

Art: Lucy Drake Marlow, Parasol.

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  1. Perfect painting for this scent. I remember when I first heard about Sage perfumes and got the sample pack of all of them. I think this may have been the very last one I tried - like you, was not exactly optimistic looking at the list of notes. However, it ended up in the group of the first full bottles of hers that I ordered. Such a beautifully lush, complex, sweet scent. At some point I also got the dual bottle with Citrine on the other end, but Sage was the real star of that duo. Need to go get it out as one of my celebratory scents for spring.


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