Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ormonde Jayne Tolu

After yesterday's perfume ambivalence (not because Noir Epices isn't awesome, just the way it can make me feel), I wanted to write about a scent that is pure joy. And that is where an amber-wood-resin fragrance is needed.

Tolu by London-based house Ormonde Jayne is golden magic. The opening is a bit sharp and balsamic, and I'm always surprised how clearly I smell the juniper. It's uplifting with tinges of green herbs and you might be reminded of the chewy herbal top of Ambre Sultan. But Uncle Serge had a different direction for his amber, which soon becomes a wonderful incense fest. Tolu is rounder and softer, despite its big bones. From the perfume's heart till the late drydown (24 hours later), it's very smooth and well-blended. There's frankincense and wood, though the distinct Ormonde Jayne signature note isn't all that prominent here as far as my nose or skin chemistry can tell. There's also a mellow ambery sweetness. It's not straight up vanilla, but it's darker sibling, tonka bean, which smells to me a bit more raw.

From the moment Tolu settles on my skin I feel ready to go. It's like an elegant cashmere cape, unusual enough among conventional trench coats, more feminine and very alluring. I've been draining samples and now that the weather is about to turn (so what if tomorrow's temperatures are in the mid 80s?), I'm ready for a bottle. And maybe some of the body products. The idea of soaking in Tolu bathing oil is deliciously appealing.

Ormonde Jayne perfumes (£68.00 for 50ml EDP, and now also available in 4 x 10ml vials travel purse sprays for £54.00, which is a wonderful thing) can be purchased at the London boutique or online from Thankfully, they ship internationally.

Art: Birch by Maya Eventov


  1. Hm, it must be somewhere in my sample pile labelled "to try any time soon". Any time soon could be tomorrow..., since today I'm having on the absolutely quirky (in a VERY positive way) London special from LeLabo Poivre23 (BTW I'd love to know what you and Tom would say about it...).
    Both, you and me loved O.J.'s Ta'if edp, now I tried the parfum strength and I'm even more excited. Unfortunately, it's a must have for me...

  2. I feel as you do.
    I want the parfum...
    I guess wanting doesn't cost ;-)

  3. Oh no! I just ordered a bottle of Ormonde Jayne Woman, which I fell in love with when I received it as a sample with my purchase of Ta'if. And guess what sample will be coming with Woman? Tolu! If it is a wonderful as you describe it, I might be getting a 3rd bottle of OJ soon.

  4. Lady Jane, I can't wait to hear how you fare with Tolu.
    I have yet to try Poivre 23. I'm so annoyed with the city exclusive concept that I haven't made an effort to get a sample yet. It has something to do with the NYC special being Tuberose 40, which is a very nice orange blossom, but not all that amazing, or at least, I've managed to survive without a bottle (so far).
    But I'll try the Poivre soon. After all, I really like the Vanille one from Paris.

  5. Chaya'le, I'm starting to consider some of the parfums, too. Because I really need another parfum of something, you know...

    (We'll be moving soon, though staying in the same town, and the idea of packing my collection is giving me major nightmares)

  6. Krista, Woman is probably going to be my third OJ. These things are like crack.

  7. Hi!
    He seems delicious. I appreciate these fragrances with balsam, incense and green notes, but I have a small restriction with juniper… XOXO.Elisabeth

  8. I'm in the state of falling in love with O.J. And the same time I'm having guilty conscious, becuse I neglected my samples after not really liking the florals (Osmanthus, Frangipani) - it was a huge mistake : Tolu is very mine. I'm still on the beginning, having the golden creaminess - but surprisingly there's also wood and greens (er, creamy wood ?!), which is probably a reason for me loving it that much so far. Hm, my Christmas wishlist is growing... (and yes, I'm moving soon as well, but fortunately in a larger place, where I reserved my "parfum room" already...).


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