Monday, July 23, 2012

Jo Malone- Grapefruit

My favorite Jo Malone perfumes are the most simple ones, especially those that center on notes that I usually find questionable (nectarine, citrus). Jo Malone Grapefruit is another such creature and I like it enough to consider getting the 1 oz bottle and just bathe in it for the rest of the summer. Or maybe I should just go with the shower gel and take residence in my bathroom until there's a significant change in the weather.

Jo Malone Grapefruit is a herbal grapefruit fragrance. It's tinged with green and bitterness, has a slight peppery-soapy feel and a unisex woody aroma. There's no complexity, depth or any interesting twists, it just smells good and uplifting, with the bonus of having a reasonable longevity for a citrus cologne type (I get 3-4 hours with moderate spraying).  Is it the best interpretation of grapefruit in perfumery? No, not at all (my vote goes for Guerlain). What makes Jo Malone a winner in my opinion is the lighthearted and positive mood that surrounds Grapefruit. There's something about this specific combination and the fact that grapefruit is so sunny that makes it irresistible even on the crankiest Monday morning.

Notes: grapefruit, tangerine, rosemary, mint, pimento, jasmine, vetiver, patchouli, tree moss.

Jo Malone Grapefruit ($55, 1 oz) is available from select department stores and

Image: Crate label art for Victoria Brand grapefruits (from an online auction).


  1. Jo Malone Grapefruit is a nice one. Zesty and fresh and lasts a decent amount of time for a citrus.

    Just by chance, today I am wearing Jo Malone Orange Blossom...which is another lovely one from Joey M.

  2. I've been wearing the Grapefruit cologne in this humid corner of south Florida for the past few months, and the Grapefruit body cream is fabulous for hands and feet!

  3. I've been living in Grapefruit (on its own or layered with something else) all summer long. It's easy and breezy, and you don't really run the risk of over-applying it since it's so light and fresh. I also use the bath oil as an after-shower skin oil when it's warm outside during the Spring and Fall, as it makes a wonderful, lightweight body moisturizer and the scent lasts all day.


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