Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Madini Oils- Musk Pierre and Musk Gazelle

Few things are more sensual than musk oil. There are many types and many suppliers of this addictive substance, some completely obscure ones that can be found at various head-shops and fairs while others are imported from the Middle East in ornate bottles. Madini Oils is the maker of my favorite musk oils. Thankfully, they're only a couple of clicks away online; they're also dirt cheap.

Madini's Musk Pierre is a light and sweet musk. It's almost vanillic but not quite with a distinct gourmand touch that doesn't take over the scent but has enough presence to be addictive and incredibly sexy in that "lick you all over" way. There might be a touch of caramel or praline there, but again, this is as far away from Angel as you can get with these notes. I think a big part of the vegetal musk here is based on amberette seed, hence the resinous scent of Musk Pierre.

Musk Gazelle is an incredible grownup animalic musk and then some. The oil is thick and dark (it can stain your clothes) and quite civet-like. It's probably not for the faint of heart, but muskophiles will find that the complexity of soft fruity musk (think CB or MKK), civet, patchouli and a smoky resin create the ultimate oriental fantasy. It's like stepping into a painting by one of the classic Orientalists and taking a walk through beautiful patios and harem rooms where beautiful rugs, expensive incense and decadent delicacies can be found in every room.

The lasting power of both Madini musk oils is 10-12 hours (I apply heavily because it's fun). The sillage isn't very assertive, especially in the case of Musk Pierre. I'm not sure Musk Gazelle is office appropriate, not because it's too loud (it's not), but thanks to its animalic suggestiveness. I like to wear them together and find that they complete each other nicely.

Madini Oils- Musk Pierre and Musk Gazelle ($15 each for 3ml roll-on bottle) are available from

Art: L'Indolence by Frederick Arthur Bridgman (American artist, 1847-1928) .

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  1. Ambergris by the same company is also an excellent one, I like it better than musk's still strong, but not as sharp.


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