Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Barbara Herman & Antoine Lie Present: Perfume X

Or rather: Barbara Herman and Antoine Lei are hoping to present Perfume X, a modern vintage perfume.

Readers of Barbara Herman's book, Scent & Subversion, are familiar with the quest for vintage perfume. Fragrances of yore from a time before office-safe and shower-fresh, when perfume wasn't supposed to smell like cupcake. The next step for Barbara was creating a modern fragrance that will capture that sensuality:

"There are certain flowers — and people — that only bloom and come alive at night.
PERFUME X will translate that mood and sensuality into a fragrance by combining an intoxicating floral heart with an animalic base..."
Barbara Herman is teaming with perfumer Antoine Lie, a subversive perfumer if there ever was one (Secretion Magnifique, but also Rien and Tom of Finland for ELdO, as well as CdG WonderwoodPuredistance Black, and many many others). Together they will create this elusive modern perfume in vintage clothes which will be "dark, erotic, beautiful, and express cultural values that are the opposite of those of conventional aspirational perfume brands."

To achieve this they need funding. Barbara (who already did a similar thing when she was working on her book) has started an IndiGoogo campaign to raise the money for the project. You can find all the details through this link, which will give you various options for contributing (and the stuff you get in exchange). There are four more days till it's over (end time is July 13th at 11:59 PM) and Barbara is 20% away from her goal as of this time.

I'm curious to see what they come up with. Very very curious.

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  1. What an adorable photo, with all those vintage perfume bottles. I'm seeing a Lucien Lelong, Faberge, Chanel, couple of Guerlains, and a Jean Patou. Fantastic - and perfect accompaniment for the Perfume X project! nozknoz


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