Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Lancome Jason Wu Blush Subtil Duo Pressed Rose

Pressed Rose is one of two blush/highlighter palettes in the Lancome Jason Wu mini collection. The other color, Sheer Macaron Pink seemed too beige/warm and, well, sheer for my coloring, so I chose Pressed Rose thinking it'd be significantly more intense. It turned out that pigmentation is not what this blush duo is about, though it has just enough color so I can wear it without issues. However, if you're darker than my not-quite NC 35 I'm not sure how much blushing effect you're going to see.

It's been a long time since my last Lancome Blush Subtil purchase, and apparently (as they did with just about everything else) Lancome had put some serious work into the formula, which is now so silky it's almost cream-like. It's a beautiful texture, incredibly smooth and luxurious, that doesn't crumble under my brush and doesn't powdery debris all over the place. It's fabulous, and as a result I haven't experienced any issues with having a cream and a powder in the same (beautiful) compact.

Speaking of the cream side, the highlighter in this Jason Wu duo is a pretty pink champagne color that blends easily and dries within seconds. It loses a bit of the sheen within ten minutes, giving a more natural effect than you'd expect, unless the glaring sun hits it directly.

Bottom Line: very very pretty.

Lancome Jason Wu Blush Subtil Duo Pressed Rose ($30) is available from Lancome-usa.com and at the counters.


  1. I was hoping to see a review of this since I had seen it on the Lancome website and thought it was interesting. I didn't realize there was a cream product in there but glad to see that it works well. It will be my next purchase.

  2. I've been eyeing that blusher for weeks! I was waiting for someone to do a review! Kinda wish the highlight was a powder and a bit more subtle, but I might still pick it up!


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