Thursday, July 10, 2014

Those Were The Days- Summer Edition

Personally, I'm not all that nostalgic for the summers of my childhood and youth with their tanning oil (SPF 6, if any) and disco music blaring on the beach. But one can't escape the charms of decades past when looking at truly vintage ads and photos, imagining clean(er) beaches, glamorous clothes and seductive nights.
I'll be inside with blaring a/c, if you don't mind.

Photo by Nina Leen for Life Magazine, 1946

That's Tippi Hedren on the right, 1954

Photo by Jean Pagliuso for Vogue, 1977

Jerry Hall, 1977

Brigitte Bardot, 1953, Cannes

1958. The sort of image that might have sent Betty Draper to the psychiatrist

Carmen Dell’ Orefice, 1959

Elizabeth Taylor

The one and only Grace Coddington in Missoni.  Photo by F C Gundlach, 1967

Shirley Temple and Guy Madison

Harper’s Bazaar January 1957 - Photo by John Engstead 

1946,  Illustrated by Pete Hawley

Joan Collins

We all look like that when we emerge from the water. Mary Belewsky, 1941. 

Summer makeup, 1968. Don't ask me what's with the headgear.

Beverly Johnson, 1980

Welcome aboard. Ladies Home Journal, 1960

Photo by Philippe Halsman, 1940’s

Ready for a roadtrip

There has to be a picnic basket in the backseat

Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue in A Summer Place, 1959. I loved that movie.

Photographed by Roger Prigent, Vogue, June 1954 

Vogue July 1955 Norman Parkinson

All images via:, Top Models Of The World, and Stirred, Straight Up, With A Twist.


  1. Loved this...Since I'm pretty old (58!), these really do bring back memories for me. My father was a professional photographer, and he took me to a program given by Philippe Halsman (three models with newspapers above). Mr. Halsman would have his famous subjects jump up in the air to loosen them up so his portraits would be more natural and capture more of their real personality. He showed the pictures of them actually jumping...funny & interesting. Thanks for a fun blog.

  2. How lovely everyone looked before Photoshop! I don't know but they seem more romantic than today's adds.

  3. What a wonderful collection of ads. Thank you for posting.


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