Monday, July 07, 2014

Fall 2014: Laura Mercier & NARS

NARS fall 2014 makeup look

New fall collections are trickling in. I can't help it: I want summer to linger forever, but with fall makeup colors. The new collections from Laura Mercier (Sensual Reflections) and NARS (Night Caller) offer some of my favorite autumnal colors. In addition, both brands are seducing me with eyeliners: Laura Mercier with a green Crème Eye Liner, and NARS is launching a new eyeliner pencil range, Night Series, which will include four smooth black pencils, each with luminous micro-pearls in blue, purple, gold, and green.

Laura Mercier Fall 2014: Sensual Reflections

Laura Mercier Plum Allure
NARS Dolomites

NARS Jardin Perdu

There are some exciting eye shadows, NARS is releasing two duos while Laura Mercier adds four shades to the Satin Matte Eye Colour range: green, plum, gold, and pink.

Laura Mercier Cheek Mélange in Sensual Reflections

NARS Mauritanie Matte Multiple

When it comes to cheeks the most exciting items are a new limited edition Multiple from NARS and  Laura Mercier Cheek Mélange. NARS will also have a shimmery blush, but I have a feeling that I can live without that one, and various lip colors (most of the ones from Laura Mercier are repromotes).


  1. The Laura Mercier Cheek Melange is reminding me of the cone flowers blooming in my garden right now. Pretty. Is it me or are the fall collections coming out earlier every year? Summer really just started and fall is a little less than three months away still.

  2. The Dolomites palette is calling to me as is the cheek melange. So very pretty!

  3. Have been on a blush buying jag recently. Really like Nars 413 Blkr, use it with an extremely light touch & it's perfect. Do you know if the Mercier melange just comes in 1 shade or will there be a selection?

  4. Nars Dolomites must be mine. I shall not be buying another multiple ever...I bought 3 of the matte multiples which I primarily use as blushes, and while I like them well enough, when it comes to grabbing a cream blush I go for something in a little pan. (Chanel/ Bobbi Brown/Edward Bess/Laura Mercier).

  5. I intrigued with the LM Green Gel liner - one of my most reached-for eye colors in the Fall. I can't wait for these to hit counters soon!


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