Thursday, July 24, 2014

NARS Dione & Himalia Dual-Intensity Eye Shadows

As I told you, the first taste I got of NARS Dual-Intensity Eye Shadow (see here: Giove and Callisto) sent me right to the NARS counter to get more of them. I've already shown you the stunning Subra and Desdemona, and here are the last two I bought: Dione, a beige champagne and Himalia, a warmer metallic camel . The wonderful texture is the same molten metal which you can apply dry or wet. I've come to really enjoy working with a damp brush to get the most out of them. My favorite way to wear these are using one of the dark colors (Giove, Subra, or Desdemona) to create the shape on the lid, and then patting a dot of a light color in the middle. For me this is an evening look, but not all of us are middle-aged, so go wild.

 I added a comparison swatch next to Callisto to show the differences between the shades of these Dual-Intensity Eye Shadows. As you can see, Callisto has a lilac/pink cast next to Dione and Himalia.

Bottom Line: I showed a great restraint by only buying four colors.

NARS Dione & Himalia Dual-Intensity Eye Shadows ($29 each) are available at most department stores, Sephora, and from


  1. No, no, no....I've been smugly ignoring these shadows even though they've been everywhere, but I do believe these two are the death blow to my resolve.

  2. Desemona is so pretty! Is it similar to Corinthian by LMdB? Or does it have more pink/cool to it?

  3. Both these shades...I want. I don't know how much longer I can hold out on these!

  4. Gorgeous !-Theses are like my favourite sweets -morish!


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