Thursday, July 10, 2014

Choupette Lagerfeld to Front Shu Uemura Campaign

And you thought that I am a crazy cat lady.

The collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura continies, and this time they chose a true internet star, Uncle Karl's own famous cat, Choupette. She will headline a collection named Shupette, and while no further details are confirmed at the moment, the one photo on WWD shows some serious false lashes. I do hope that there's also something wearable in store for us, as well as gorgeous cat lady-worthy packaging. In any case, it's a real improvement over Dora The Explorer.

Grumpy Cat is green with envy.

Photo and info via WWD.


  1. God I love Karl ! ......... and I am a "dog person" too. :)

    You have to admit the guy is original and the younger set these days are sort of boring! LOL

    I wonder if old Karl crocheted that cat bed for Choupette ?????

    1. I'm with you Lady :-) I'm a dog person (3 huskies), too, but I adore Choupette and think it is wonderful that Karl shows a lighter, softer side with her. Hopefully Choupette has inspired a beautiful collection.

  2. You can't appreciate her beauty on that white pillow! What was he thinking? I am definitely a cat person. I also came to appreciate dogs but at heart I am a cat person. I love when you include pictures of your kittehs.

  3. Miss Princess! How wonderful to see Choupette as she's is getting bigger.

  4. I adore Karl and love Choupette. I follow her on Twitter. Certainly I'll be buying makeup inspired by Choupette. My own Siamese would scold me if I didn't.

  5. Love that photo of the two of them, especially the princess on her stylish chair! Karl could be doing just about anything in the world that he wanted to do; I think it's cool that he spends time with his cat. nozknoz

  6. I absolutely love Karl for how he is with Choupette - can't help but believe that that sort of love can in one fell swoop wipe out an awful lot of less than fortunate karma. DH and I agree to disagree on this point. :-)


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