Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NARS Night Series Eyeliner: Night Flight & Night Porter

The new NARS Night Series Eyeliner was an instant love. I was sent the green one, Night Porter, and the second it was available online I ordered Night Flight, the blue version. It was that good. I'm already a fan of NARS Larger Than Life pencils which I have in most colors, and the new eyeliners add another dimension to the intense colors and smooth gliding texture: micro-pearls.

The effect of NARS Night Series eyeliners is less dramatic on the lids/lashline. There's a light sparkle, but it's not like you're wearing glitter. I even experimented with using Night Flight on the waterline, something I'd usually not recommend doing with shimmer formulas, and had no issues (still, don't try it at home) because it's so fine and smooth. The soft and easy application is one advantage, the quick-setting and smudge-proof quality is another (you need to really rub hard to damage it). The color lasts all day (or night) and is not affected by rain or humidity. Full removal requires a dual-phase cleanser or an oil, otherwise you'll wake up with a smoky eye.

Night Flight is an off-black with cobalt blue pearl, and Night Porter in an off-black with green pearl. I took a comparison swatch of Night Flight next to NARS Larger Than Life pencil in Rue Saint-Honoré, which is a proper blue. Both are pretty, and I've actually mixed and layered them for a more dramatic effect, just because. 

Bottom Line: a subtle way to add color and shimmer to a simple eye look.

NARS Night Series Eyeliner: Night Flight & Night Porter ($24 each) are available at the counters, NARS boutiques, and One of the products for this review was sent by the company, the other one was my own purchase.


  1. I bought Night Flight the day it came out, too. But now I've got my eye on Rue St. Honore- it looks a little smoother.

  2. Was the SS logo done with Night Porter a nod to the film?


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