Monday, July 14, 2014

Pixi Beauty Mocha Mauve & Graphite Glint Lid Last Shadow Pen

I picked these two Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pens in Mocha Mauve and Graphite Glint almost as an afterthought when I bought the latest Endless Silky Eye Pen and restocked on Black Noir and Black Blue (I use them all the time). Eye shadow in a stick or a chubby pencil form is one of the quickest, easiest and most portable way to get a great eye look with minimal fuss. I've already reviewed Pixi's version, the Lid Last Shadow Pen (in Gilded Mink and Brun Beam) and explained how to work with this quick-setting texture, so I won't repeat it here other than to say that it's become one of my foolproof/I'm not really awake staples.

Graphite Glint is a medium gray, not quite as charcoaly as it appears in the pencil, which makes it a very easy daytime color. Mocha Mauve is a beige taupe, several degrees lighter and slightly warmer (hence "mauve") than Gilded Mink (which is back in stock and everyone needs it). Both have an understated sheen with no glitter particles, with Mocha Mauve looking slightly more metallic. They set quickly and do not budge. Ever. Removal requires a dual phase product or a good soak in micellar water. If your lids are very dry do use a creamy primer, as these pencils add no hydration whatsoever.

Pixi Lid Last pencils require sharpening (unlike the creamier sticks from Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown). I'm using my NARS sharpener and an ancient Sue Devitt one. I've found that the legendary Urban Decay sharpener doesn't play well with Pixi pencils.

Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pens ($18 each) are available from I highly suggest googling for discount coupons as there's always a 20-25% off somewhere ( don't think I've ever paid full retail price). Pixi Beauty products are also available at Target, but touching that grimy display and rummaging for testers is at your own risk.

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