Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Inglot Lion King Collection

I'm not quite sure how to take this new partnership between Disney's Lion King musical and Inglot Cosmetics. I'm getting a flashback to the mid 1990s, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And I feel like wisecracking other possible collaborations: MAC Oaklahoma collection, NARS and South Pacific, Estee Lauder for Cats...

I do like the colors in Inglot's Lion King/Savanna Sunset. They're classic summer-to-fall transition. I just wonder why Lion King or why now, as well as who exactly is the target consumer. Maybe the clue is in the press release :
"Audience members who bring their ticket to INGLOT Times Square and like INGLOT fanpage on Facebook will receive a 20% discount on their purchase or receive a free makeover from INGLOT."
Tourists who haven't seen the show yet? Or maybe Auntie Gaia who can't wait to take her niece and nephew to see Simba and friends. Which reminds me: How gorgeous was Heather Headley as the original Nala (top photo)? I actually saw her on stage in Aida twice during the summer of 2000 and she was mesmerizing. I wonder what she's up to these days.

Publicity photo of Heather Headley by Joan Marcus for Disney. Other images courtesy of Inglot.

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  1. MAC, if you're listening, I would be _first_ in line for an Oklahoma collection - just sayin'...


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