Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver Housecleaning Products

After a couple of years of hoarding Caldrea  cleaning products in Sandalwood Riceflower and Vanilla-Quince-Santal I had to admit defeat. Both have been discontinued for a while (I think the latter was a holiday limited edition), and there's only so much effort I'm willing to put into collecting detergents. It's not exactly vintage Guerlain, right?

I decided to give Caldrea's Mandarin Vetiver a try. I'm not the biggest fan of their Sea Salt Neroli and Ginger Pomelo ranges, as both fragrances have something too watery going there (the former is downright aquatic), for the sake of freshness, I suppose. But Mandarin Vetiver is exactly what I hoped for: crisp and dry while maintaining the sunshiny quality of a juicy mandarin. The vetiver note is very noticeable, making cleaning the kitchen counter that much more enjoyable. It's a true, grassy vetiver, not something you usually find in household products.

Performance of the counter spray and All Purpose Cleaner is excellent, the same as with other Caldrea products. They're realtively mild, non-abrasive, and non-toxic to little critters with a penchant to leaving paw prints everywhere.

Bottom Line: I'll have to try the laundry detergent and softener in this range.


  1. I've been curious about their fragrance oils. Have you tried the Coconut Fig scent?

  2. Meh, I am not such a Caldrea fan myself. I prefer geranium and lavender from the less touted Mrs Meyers line; but I will say that the Mandarin in the Caldrea formulations is one of the better ones.

  3. I agree, the Mandarin Vetiver is my favorite scented housekeeping product from any line! I would say don't bother with the laundry products for anything that's going through the dryer because all the scent evaporates away. I also love Thymes dishwashing liquid in Frasier Fir at holiday season.

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