Monday, October 24, 2011

Lace Necklace by Dancing Leaf Design

My pictures don't do any justice to the beautiful silver lace necklace from Vancouver-based studio Dancing Leaf Design. It was another discovery I owe to Ayala of Ayala Moriel Perfumes who continuously makes me realize I must get myself to Vancouver one of this days and check out the various indie artists and designers who work there. It seems like a paradise for those of us who cherish real luxury: handmade work by original artists. For now I console myself with online shopping.

You can see more of Dancing Leaf Design work on the artist's blog and in her Etsy store. As always, I'm just a happy customer and in no way affiliated with anyone.


  1. That is simply beautiful. I think your pictures look great so if you don't think they do it justice, it must be even more amazing! I love Indie jewellery.

  2. It looks beautiful. So wearable and pretty.

  3. I'd be grinning, too. That looks so pretty on you. : )

  4. How very pretty! And I love the color of your top. I'm looking for that shade for myself.

  5. It does look beautiful, as cliche as that might sound. It's also very becoming.
    Ayala is such a sweet lady too. And indeed real luxury is about savouring unique pieces that have real merit and craft built into them instead of "prestige" broadcasting.


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