Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Butter London Marrow Nail Polish

My poor vegetarian self has an issue with Marrow as a nail polish name. It's just not... appetizing. Especially knowing that this was exactly what Butter London was aiming for when creating the polish. In their own words:
Hand mixed for the Vena Cava designers, who named it after the dark purple, rusty center of a bone.
Whatever. This is a pretty dark purple that looks almost creamy with the microest of all micro shimmer. It's a wonderful mid-winter color, and I especially like that it doesn't look black even in the shade (unless it's really pitch dark).

While the color of Butter London Marrow is almost opaque even with one coat, application goes somewhat streaky so a second and even a third coat are recommended. I've experienced chipping at the tips around the third day, but I'm really hard on my nails. Reinforcing the top coat every day always helps with preserving the polish (and my sanity. I can't stand chipped nails).

Butter London Marrow Nail Polish ($14) is available from Ulta, Nordstrom and


  1. This polish looks so nice! I have never tried a Butter London polish before, think I'm gonna do that soon!

  2. Oh gosh, I hadn't realised it was that kind of marrow. I instantly think vegetable which is a bit silly as it isn't green!

  3. I admire this every time I see it in the store, but I tell myself not to purchase it because I don't often wear colours that are this dark. Yet here I am pining for it again. That's it! Enough! Next time I'm buying it! :)

  4. Marrow is a gross name. You probably don't like Rouge Bunny Rougue's "Dark Juices," either. I know they mean juice from fruit, but I can't help but think of pricking a roast turkey to make sure it's cooked.


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