Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jo Malone- Vanilla & Anise Bath Oil

Oil is my friend this winter. Since I liked the clean and breezy Vanilla & Anise perfume from Jo Malone on its neroli-orchid-spice blend, I knew the matching bath oil would be a good addition to my bath and body routine. My main demand from any bath and shower product is gentleness. My skin gets red and angry from many a soap, so avoiding the itch is a priority. As is a good fragrance, of course.

Jo malone's bath oil is non greasy and very pleasant on skin. It's not drying even on the coldest night. I've been using to shower, and while it doesn't produce a foam, my skin is left clean and soft afterwards.

Neroli clearly dominates the bath oil version of this Jo Malone scent. The orchid that I clearly smell in the perfume is missing and the spice is somewhat toned down. Still it's recognizable as related to Vanilla & Anise, and while the fragrance doesn't linger-- not even in the air-- this is a kind and gentle bath product of great quality.

Bottom Line: highly recommended.

Jo Malone- Vanilla & Anise Bath Oil ($65, 250 ml) is available at top department stores and from

Photo by Nina Leen, 1945

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