Sunday, February 12, 2012

Currently- February 2012

How It All Began by Penelope Lively. It's elegantly written and quite English.

The Big Broadcast is one of the most unique radio shows on my favorite radio stations, WFUV. They call it jokingly "music for the old and the old at heart", but I call it art deco music-- from the 1920s and 1930s. They stream online as well as offer an archive of previous shows.

After all these years I've been rediscovering Samsara. In vintage formulation, of course. Hard to believe I used to dislike it.

Dark red or plum lip glosses, usually over a lip pencil.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Big colorful rings. They brighten the dreariest days.

Avocado on toast.

Bane of my existence
The passing week the (almost new) toaster died, the dishwasher stopped producing clean dishes and today the oven went up in smoke.  Almost literally. I shouldn't complain because this means that three new and pretty appliances are coming this week, but will you say a prayer for my washer and dryer?

Shame-inducing guilty pleasure
I finished reading the Twilight series and despite being able to point all the bad writing, silliness and emotional porn,  I still enjoyed it all the way through.

The chance of an early spring. I'll be watching the neighbors' forsythia very closely.

Valentine's Day.

A vacation in Italy. It's been a very long time (since 2003) and I feel almost physically drawn back to some of my favorite places, such as Ronciglione (that's the place in the photo above). While we're busy wishing, I also want a little house on the shore of the nearby Lago di Vico.

Random thought
The world would be a better place with fewer Hervé Léger dresses.

What about you? Please share your loves, recommendations and whatever's on your mind.

Art: Italian Girl Drawing Water by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1871.
Photo of the medieval village of Ronciglione by me, September 2003.


  1. mm Right now I'm in love with Violet Blonde. It's such a warm, comforting fragrance to me and I need to buy another bottle soon.

    I'm wondering what makeup to wear for Valentine's Day. I'm having a nice dinner with my other half at a local Latin restaurant. yum!

    Wishlist - You put me in mind of a nice trip to Greece; I haven't been there in 14 years and it's really sad. Part of me is always there. I'd love a little house on my mother's or grandmother's islands. I wish they'd get their act together and settle things down there.

    Shame inducing? I love the Walking Dead. It got me stuck on reading zombie fiction. lol Can I just say there are some very clever zombie tales written out there that you wouldn't expect.

    I will say a prayer to the appliance gods that all will go well and your washer and dryer will work happily for many long years to come. :)

    1. Evelyn, the washer,dryer, and me thank you :)
      I've never been to Greece though it's on my list, especially the islands. A trip there is among my favorite winter fantasies.
      Violet Blonde is beyond gorgeous. I love it more and more, though will not need a second bottle for a long time.

  2. There do exist some celebrities who can wear Herve Leger and still look elegant, classy, and retain the appearance of a personality (Odette Annable springs to mind), but they are the genetically blessed few.

    I do love avocado (lightly seasoned with salt and pepper) on buttered toast for breakfast. When I have a few extra minutes in the morning, I will also add some baked beans. :)

    1. Li Wen, I love baked beans but imagined them as a side for avocado. Need to work on my Anglo-immersion some more ;)
      By the way, I squeeze a little lemon over my avocado, both on toast or in a salad. These tastes combined are among my most favorite.

  3. I share with you your feelings about Italy. Beautiful picture you 've taken there.
    As my "currently":
    Restart smoking 'cause i am in love.
    I lost some weight because i am in love.
    I feel high because i am in love.
    I like my life because i am in love.
    I feel blessed because i am in love.
    If there is a God i feel he look at me and smiles right now.
    Perfume:"Mademoiselle Ricci", Nina Ricci, vintage.
    Food: Lesser every day.
    Book: "Wuthering heights", Emily Bronte'.
    Music: Almost all of Journey.
    Anticipation: His eyes on me.

    1. Nulla Tabella,
      It's delightful to hear. Love colors everything in the most beautiful shades. Everything looks brighter and tastes better.

  4. I'm in love with Eau de Shalimar. The best office scent ever, it's "water", but still is Shalimar. As books go, I'm finishing the third issue from the Millenium trilogy. Sooo good, I can say Stieg Larsson's premature death is the bane of my existence! Random thought? I wish Greece would say @*§ you! to Markel and Sarkozy. Take some time to choose a really nice oven, Gaia. It changes everything, and you like your pizza. ;)

    1. Solanace, Eau de Shalimar is great. I use Shalimar Light, its older incarnation in a very similar way, especially in the summer or when a lighter hand is needed.
      The new oven-- an Electrolux induction/convection range-- will be here tomorrow afternoon. According to my research it's going to be quite awesome. I see cakes and fresh bread in my future.

  5. Book: A Discovery of Witches, Book One of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. This entertaining and erudite jaunt into the world of vampires, witches, daemons, and humans is written by an articulate, intelligent, well educated woman (She's a professor of history at USC). I can hardly wait for book two.

    Music: The past two weeks it's been all about Mahler. The LA Phil, under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel, has produced a brilliant Mahler cycle this year.

    Perfume: Still Violet Blond. I keep going back to it.

    Makeup: I've been indulging in Tom Ford and Tarina Tarantino. What a combination! :-)

    Frequently worn outfit/item: I was given some Pandora starter hoops and four sets of interchangeable/stacking charms. I'm officially addicted!

    Food: Split foccacia lightly brushed with lemon and orange infused olive oil, toasted under a broiler, and served alongside a green salad.

    Bane of my existence: Sometimes the arthritis in my hands prevents me from doing some of my projects like working in the garden or baking bread.

    Shame inducing guilty pleasure: Watching old reruns of What Not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress while doing my light therapy for my arthritis.

    Joy: That's easy. Life itself. There is joy all around us if we are open to it.

    Anticipation: Seeing my son and his lady love this weekend.

    Wishlist: Having the inside of my house repainted.

    Random Thought: These lists are fun. I wish more readers would respond.

    1. Eileen, your comments and ideas are always such a delight and pleasure to read.

      I'm going straight to Amazon to look for a Kindle version of Deborah Harkness' book. It sounds like something I'll enjoy. I'm so happy to see another Violet Blonde fan. It was one of the better perfumes released last year and it's good to see it getting the love. I think I'll wear it tomorrow in your and Evelyn's honor.

      Wishing you relief from arthritis pain and wonderful times with your son (making a mental note to call my mom tomorrow).

  6. Places - heading to NYC in March - looking forward to checking out all the make up brands not available in Ireland - LMdB, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, sunday riley. But not sure what stores everything is sold in so hopefully I get round them all.

    TV: The Walking Dead - I also think this is brill. Also loving an Irish show called Love/ Hate.

    Make up: wore Guerlain's place de vendome six colour eyeshadow - the antique golds with RBR mysterious tinamou (teal) along the lashline looked great. (IMO)

    Music: Ed Sheeran - he's fantastic!

    1. Hi E.! I'm going to check out your music recommendation. I wish we had Irish TV shows here-- the accent alone would make me watch.
      Here's a quick list of where to find things in NYC:
      The big department stores are all within walking distance from each other in Midtown. Saks has D&G and Burberry. Henri Bendel has Paula Dorf, Becca, Lipstick Queen, Jouer, Youngblood Minerals and a wonderful perfume department. Bergdorf offers Kanebo Sensai, Tom Ford, LMdB, Edward Bess, Hourglass and Kevyn Aucoin (among many more, of course) and at Barneys you'll find Sunday Riley, Sue Devitt, Kevyn Aucoin, Beauty Is Life, Claudio Riaz, Serge Lutens makeup and a Le Labo boutique.

      Have fun!

    2. Thank you for your wonderful reply!

  7. Hi Gaia!
    I really love these lists!
    My current book is River Marked by Patricia Briggs, Eileen's current read sounds wonderful, will have to add it to my list!

    Music: Anything Jean Pierre Rampal, love his lyrical style.

    Perfume: Laura Mercier's Minuit Enchante, I love the warmth and spices in this one.

    Makeup: Doing a simple face and using a deep plum lip

    Frequently worn item: Boots and some very fun jewelry from

    Guilty Pleasure: Watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I'm also hooked on Advanced Style videos. Downton Abbey is so much fun, I love the Edwardian time period and the clothes are TO. DIE. FOR!

    Joy: Seeing my husband carry our cat Smokey around the house while singing to him. Very sweet.

    Wishlist: To visit the island of Cypress-my dad was involved with CAARI and they've completed their library. Would love to visit with his colleagues.

    Anticipation: At my work, our new library is officially finished-I move in the first week of March and I can't wait!

    1. Elizabeth, beautiful list (and I love Rampal!). A cat-loving husband is the very best. Mine does the same thing. Melts my heart every time.


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