Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dior Bleu de Paris 5 Couleurs - New Look Eyeshadow Palette

I fell in love with Dior Bleu de Paris eye shadow palette from the moment I saw Lisa Eldridge using it to create a navy blue smoky eye. I pre-ordered it the minute I could (for some reason, the other palettes in the New Look series arrived before Bleu de Paris), and have been ridiculously completely taken with it since.

Bleu de Paris (254) is one of four palettes that were released recently as part of Dior's New Look line (an homage to Christian Dior's 1947 iconic collection). I won't try to analyze the palettes within this context, though, because it's more of a marketing thing than a lesson in fashion history. I'm happy enough that the palettes are pretty and offer a bunch of great colors and finishes. I also got the more neutral Grege quint and will show and review it soon.

Bleu de Paris has one truly matte shade (the navy blue), while the other ones offer various degrees of shimmer. Just like with other Dior palettes, you really don't have to use all (or even most) colors at once, but they give you options and help elevate simple looks. I've found that the bolder blues in this palette can be easily paired with the mostly matte shades from Grege, or you can follow Lisa Eldridge's tutorial for a stunning evening look. I'm darker than her model, so a little toned down version of the same idea works for me during the day.

Bottom Line: a must-have for fans of blue eye shadow.

Dior Bleu de Paris 5 Couleurs - New Look Eyeshadow Palette ($59) is available at the counters.

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