Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Want: Victoria Beckham Fall 2012

My approach to Fashion Week and designer collections has always been practical: what ready-to-wear items work for my not particularly glam lifestyle, give the most versatility in terms of day-to-night and will not look dated two years from now so that I can stretch the investment as far as humanly possible.

The answer is usually Diane von Furstenberg, and that hasn't changed this year. But browsing footage from various shows, I know what's going to make Fall 2012 even better: the above Victoria Beckham dress in both colors. The smart design and proportions won my heart. The flattering v-neck could not be more perfect as far as I'm concerned. Bravo, Victoria!



  1. What a great waist accentuating dress. The black detailing really makes the waist look nipped in. I also like the color choices: trendy tangerine for the fashionistas and a deep gray green for those of us who are more conservative at heart. Bravo Victoria!

  2. I just love Victoria Beckham -- post Spice Girls, of course, and I just love the route she took with her collection.

  3. Interesting on the models, but I'm too practical, all I keep seeing is an average woman with those black bands going across points that may not be so flattering unless you are such a slender model. Especially that band across the bust, oh my.

  4. Evelyn, the thing about most of her dresses though is that there's usually so much internal structure or clever construction that makes them flattering for so many shapes and sizes.

    I was skeptical of her collection at first, but her clothes are nothing if not beautifully crafted and user friendly.

  5. oh I agree, I do tend to like her clothes although this one would not be tops on my list. At least I like the colors. :)


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