Monday, February 06, 2012

Sunday Riley Fool's Gold & Burnt Eggplant Prismasilk Eye Shadow

Today we have more Sunday Riley to love (it's so much fun to discover a new brand, especially when it's a makeup artist's line that has something unique to offer). These two eye shadows, Fool's Gold (111) and Burnt Eggplant (128) round up my first Sunday Riley purchase. The way things look, I'm ready for a few more.

Fool's Gold is probably the most unique of the bunch (see my reviews of Indigo Waves and Leprechaun). It's a brassy base with dark gold flecks. Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book has asserted that this eye shadow performs better when applied with a damp brush, and I agree. Fool's Gold is an intense evening eye shadow that provides quite a bit of drama. There's no point sheering it out because then the color and the gilded effect are lost. I love creating a smoky silent film star effect with this Sunday Riley shadow, and have also used it combined with NARS Aigle Noir pencil shadow as a base with great results.

Burnt Eggplant is somewhat more traditional of a color. It strands the lines between reddish brown, aubergine and almost-taupe. Sabrina provided excellent comparison shots, so I'll only add this one with Le Metier de Beaute's Corinthian, which you can see has a very different finish. The texture and finish of Sunday Riley's Burnt Eggplant is perhaps closer to LMdB's Mulberry, but the pigment resembles Corinthian a little more. In any case, it's a unique color that plays well with other neutrals in my collection.

Bottom Line: next stop, Casablanca.

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color ($26 each) is exclusive to Barneys.


  1. I think I've just died and gone to eyeshadow heaven. Both of these colours are stunning in a really sophisticated way. This definitely looks like a line to watch!

  2. Every time you show us one of these eyeshadows I want to get the first plane there and get them! The colours are really unique and each of them seems to fill a gap with regards to colours! So beautiful!!

  3. Wow, that eggplant shade is gorgeous! I have to swing by my local Barneys to have a look!


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