Monday, February 20, 2012

Shu Uemura ME 856 Medium Brown Eye Shadow

The photos speak for themselves and for Shu Uemura ME 856 Medium Brown eye shadow. It's taupe, the pigment level is quite intense, it comes in the familiar Shu Uemura metallic finish, and the texture is lovely to work with. I've been using it in combination with NARS Soft Shadow pencils-- this season's Dark Rite and the previously released Aigle Noir. I start with the pencil, contouring the lash line and drawing the crease, then blending Shu ME 856 (using a MAC 217) all over the lid and just above the crease. The textures work well together, ME 856 tones down the other color and the end result looks a lot more complex and sophisticated than one would expect.

The texture of Shu Uemura eye shadows, even after last year's change/reformulation, is phenomenal. It takes very little work to apply, stays put and never loses its luster, even after long hours (I always use a primer). The metallic finish can be quite bold, which is why I tend to use it in the above low-key way and not pile it on. However, as the comparison below shows, the legendary Le Metier de Beaute Cortinthian, which is extremely similar to Shu's ME 856, is even more metallic, and that rarely stops any of us from using (and worshiping) this color.

Shu Uemura ME 856 Medium Brown Eye Shadow ($15) comes in the refill packaging that fits into Shu's new  Prima palettes. Available online (if you're in the US) and at top department stores if you live anywhere else.


  1. This just makes me want Corinthian more darnit! I wish it wasn't being so illusive.

  2. This looks like the midway colour between the two old Shu Uemura ME 850 and 860. I have both the old ones and love them, so I think I'll skip this one. I've been using them at least once a week for 2 years and you can barely tell there is a dip. You just can't beat Shu for a good taupe! It's beautiful!

  3. So, price aside, if you had to have one - which would you pick? Shu 856 or Corinthian?


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