Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Katherine Heigl And Juliette Binoche- Two Paris Premieres

We've seen quite a few gowns with sheer "nude" panels on red carpets lately, and I have to say that I'm not a fan. That's also true in the case of Katherine Heigl and the dress she wore to her Paris premiere of One For The Money . Between the cutouts, the yellowish looking panel, the too-visible slip or underskirt. It just doesn't work for me. I love the hair and makeup, though, and the earrings are gorgeous, so that's something I guess.

On the Parisian premiere of Elle, Juliette Binoche was her usual stunning self. Looking as French as they come and sporting a smoky eye better than much younger stars who think they invented the style. Is she too casual for the red carpet? I don't think so, but I've always been a Binoche fan.

All photos via Zimbio.


  1. Juliette is so awesome. I hope I'll grow up to be as awesome as her one day, hah

  2. They are both so beautiful!

  3. Absolutely agree re Heigl - "retro" hair, makeup and earrings fabulous; the dress a mess. Those "nude" mesh panels that have become popular lately seem to have been borrowed from figure skating (ice dancing) which is where they should have been left.
    Binoche is beautiful (and with a face that actually is capable of showing expression unlike American stars), but something about the outfit just doesn't come together for me.

    -- Lindaloo

  4. Juliette is naturally beautiful - something we aren't used to here! Hair looks to be NOT lightened and streaked. Skin is NOT artifically tanned. NOT the USA version of 'beauty' which is very artificial. It is becoming rare - a beautiful brunette!

  5. "La Binoche", as the French call her, is amazing. The color of her eye makeup has some blue or gray, which brings out the wonderful warm brown color of her eyes. My theory is that shadows with gray or purple bring out brown eye color best, and shadows with brown or gold bring out blue eye color best, and it's the case here. Love her!

  6. Juliette is a lovely, radiant woman who is obviously à l'aise dans sa peau. I've always admired her natural, effortless beauty but, when it comes to her clothing choices, she often makes red carpet gaffs. This is one of them :-( It's not that her outfit is particularly bad, it's just wrong for the occasion. Meeting friends for drinks? Yes. Doing a bit of clubbing? Sure. Walking the red carpet at a première? No.

    As for Katherine, that wind was really not doing that dress any favors. It was blowing all over the place and was most unflattering. Also, the underskirt and panel photographed so poorly in the posed shots. I think that occasionally a decision is made about a dress while the star is standing still in a stylist's studio and not enough thought is given to how it will move and photograph. We've all seen those X rated transparancy disasters, stars stepping on their hems and tripping over trains, stars so tightly constricted by the dress that they are unable to walk unassisted up the steps to accept their award, etc. Stylists get paid thousands of dollars to get it right. Katherine should get her money back!

    Hi Carla,

    You brought up a good point about the touch of blue. You're referring, of course, to the color wheel theory of shadow selection which says if you want to make your eye color pop, pick shades from the opposite side of the color wheel. That's why blue eyes look great in rich browns while dark brown eyes rock blues like no other. Of course, rules are always meant to be broken, but knowing the color wheel and understanding undertones will go a long way towards insuring that eyeshadow shades are flattering rather than overwhelming.

  7. Juliette is looking better and better, time has been kind. Hate to say "come into her own" but she really looks amazing, effortlessly beautiful and very comfortable in her skin.


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