Monday, February 27, 2012

Zoya Codie Nail Polish

Codie was released as part of Zoya Smoke & Mirror collection for fall 2011. It's the darkest and most sinister shade of the bunch (most of them play with a lavender blue theme). It caught my eye a couple of months ago at Ulta, because the light there showed made it look like a very dark espresso shade. Of course, store lights lie, and Codie has a surprising khaki/olive undertone (you'll have to click on the photos and see the full size).

Zoya's Codie looks like it belongs in StrangeBeautiful Camo Library as far as complexity goes. Surprisingly, non of the Camo nail lacquers is even remotely a twin-- they're either more brown or more khaki. The closest shade I have is Essie Little Brown Dress, but that one is more straightforward brown (you can't really tell the difference in the shade, though). The Chanel colors you see here, Imperial and Khaki Brun, show how far Codie is from both extremes:warm brown and khaki.

The quality of the nail polish is great, as is usually the case with Zoya. Easy to apply, creamy and withstand the usual abuse I inflict on my nails.

Bottom Line: elegant and just edgy enough to be fun.

Zoya nail polish ($8) can be found at Ulta stores.

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