Monday, February 13, 2012

Molton Brown Anti-bacterial Rok Mint Hand Wash

Molton Brown is releasing the new Rok Mint range in the US on February 15th  (I think it's already available in the UK). Anti-bacterial hand products are always a good thing, especially when they smell as good as this one by Molton Brown. The "rok" in the name apparently refers to some kind of radish, but there's no danger of being assaulted by hungry Fraggles after washing your hands-- the scent is mostly mint with a hint of very green basil. The radish contributed its anti-bacterial properties, not the fragrance, so my hands smell like I just handled a bunch of herbs. I like it a lot.

As far as hand washes go, this one leaves my hands quite dry and in need of immediate moisturizing. Molton Brown also has a matching hand lotion in Rok Mint that I haven't tried, but would not object to having my hands smell like this clean and herbal blend for a while longer. The hand lotion contains shea butter, so I assume it can take care of the dryness issue efficiently.

Bottom Line:  the hand wash is drying (for my gator skin, at least)  but smells very good.

Molton Brown Anti-bacterial Rok Mint Hand Wash ($28) will be available starting February 15th from Saks 5th Avenue, Molton Brown stores and A press sample was sent to me free of charge from the company's PR reps.


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  1. Actually, from what I've read, anti-bacterial hand washes are anything but always good. There's evidence that anti-bac products lead to stronger, more resilient, antibiotic resistant bacteria. Plain soap - non anti bacterial, that is - works just as well for all but the immuno-compromised.


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