Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Providence Perfume Co.- Ginger Lily

Ginger and lily notes usually don't top my list of favorites; especially lily (the reason I have yet to review Cartier Baiser Volé is my reluctance to subject myself to its toxic flesh eating lily ever again). But I had faith in natural perfumer Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Co. to not send me scrubbing, and I was right.

Ginger Lily is a lush and exotic oriental. It starts with a burst of freshly-grated ginger and sweetens as the perfume develops. The floral heart is quite intense, but doesn't push my lily-hating buttons, perhaps because it's so spicy. I smell clove and cinnamon, maybe also a hint of cardamom. They temper the bigger-than-life flowers and warm them up considerably. Indeed, warmth is another sensation I get from Providence's Ginger Lily and its hot spices.

The sweet rose note is more gentle than one would expect and very natural (duh!). It leads the way to a dark and thick ambery base. The perfume keeps a balance between the floral and foody. I imagine a plate of ginger and spice cookies set on a table decorated with antique embroidered  linens and a vase full of lilies. It's a welcoming, comforting and satisfying place to be. Interestingly, I love it at bedtime as I pull the covers almost over my head and breath in, but the husband thinks it's too intense and distracting when he tries to fall asleep. So I promised to choose softer fragrances at nighttime and he discovered that he actually loves smelling Ginger Lily on me during the day. Peace restored.

Notes: ginger, black pepper, bitter orange, ginger orchid, May rose, ylang-ylang, styrax, white cognac, amber, vetiver and copaiba.

Ginger Lily by Providence Perfume Company ($26, 6ml EDP, larger size and samples available) can be purchased from providenceperfume.com. A sample was sent for my consideration free of charge by the perfumer.

Art: Tiger Lily by Marcia Baldwin

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  1. Thank you Gaia for your lovely review of Ginger Lily! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.


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