Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ellis Faas E203 Milky Eyes

Ellis Faas E203 Milky Eyes is a cream-to-powder eye shadow formula in a blue-based dark purple that looks almost like ink. It's a gorgeous color that can be sheered and blended as needed, or layered for extra definition. It's a wonderful smoky eye option, and can also be mixed with Ellis Faas Light Eyes in E301 as you see below. The mixed swatch shows the texture as it dries down.

In the past, Ellis Milky Eyes had a sponge applicator that tended to get clogged. It was replaced with the brand's infamous brush that's less wasteful but will not assist you in application. I've discussed this topic in the past (Milky Eyes E205, Creamy Eyes E107) and the bottom line is still the same: Ellis Faas eye shadows are among the very best you can find, but they require some practice to get the desired results. Ellis herself uses her fingers when doing her own makeup (and she looks phenomenal, by the way), and various brushes when working on models. You know me- I'm all about using tools and love to experiment with different brushes. I find the Milky Eyes E203 responds well to every brush I tried: natural or synthetic hair, flat or full-- I can create different effects, a wash of color, a contour line, a deep crease... and the color is just beautiful.

One of the best features of Milky Eyes is durability. Once the eye shadow dries it doesn't move, crease, crumble, fall out or fades. The color and texture stay true in every weather until you attack it with a cleanser. This makes the formula a perfect choice for events and other occasions when you know there won't be time for touch-ups.

Bottom Line: for those who love to play.

Ellis Faas E203 Milky Eyes ($36) is available from SpaceNK, and Also at Sephora Meatpacking district in NYC. The product was sent to me free of charge by the company.

My beautiful model is Olivia (I had light issues and her glorious white hair worked as a background). There's an extra outtake photo posted on the Facebook group.


  1. I like cream to powder, it looks promising. I have seen the Ellis Faas products at Space NK many times, but I haven't purchased anything yet. The milky lip colors look good too.

  2. I have E203 in the sponge applicator and now I want to revisit it. The color looks so pretty in your review, but I never did much with it besides use it as eyeliner. Maybe I should just treat myself and buy it in its new housing, as mine is a few years old and I'll probably never work through the plug behind that sponge. I'd be over the moon if we had the option to get these in a pot, or even a squeeze tube a la Becca Eye Tint, but since the pen is her thang, I don't think we'll see that any time soon.

  3. I picked this up from Sephora during their F&F sale and never gave it the love I thought I would, it was a tad too bruisey on me (though, following her color theory, may be right on). The product was too difficult to start with light, sheered out layers and build without a ton of product waste.

    I forget all of that when I look at Olivia, I would love to be her for a day.

  4. That is a gorgeous colour and I love how it looks when mixed with E301. This makes me want to revisit the Ellis Faas eye products.


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