Thursday, March 07, 2013

Chanel, Laura Mercier, Lauder And More: Current Nail Polish Loves

My nail situation is pretty ridiculous right now, which is why you won't see any nail swatches here today. I keep wrecking, breaking and shattering them, resulting in an immediate polish removal and an all-nail massacre. This means that I hardly get to spend more than a day with any of my color loves. Still, it's no reason not show you what I'm loving right now (actually, what I've been loving for a long while-- I haven't bought or reviewed even one bottle of nail polish since last fall because of the aforementioned issue), so all of these shades have been around for a long time now, and miraculously, only one of them has been discontinued.

I'll start with the discontinued one: Estee Lauder Pure Color Molten Lava. It's a gorgeous charcoal with the finest red micro-shimmer that gives a burnt purple impression. Molten Lava is a naughty but nice kind of color and I really wish it was a permanent item. Still available from some online retailers.

Next we have Rescue Beauty Lounge in Ghost (formerly Ghost Ranch). You can read about the name debacle here, and do take note that this is a limited edition that will not be resurrected,. The other Rescue Beauty color is Insouciant, a cloudy lavender with a complex cream with iridescence finish.

Laure Mercier Cocoa Suede was released last June as part of the Cinema Noir collection for Fall 2012. It's a creamy chocolate pudding shade that looks utterly delicious. I suspect it won't look very appropriate come spring, but I'm not sure I care.

It took me a while to warm up to Wallis, the Butter London Tribute to the Duchess of Windsor. I rarely do glitter, but Wallis has something very sophisticated and art deco about it. I think Mrs. Simpson would have approved.

Last is Chanel. I no longer bother following the various collection, limited editions and regional exclusives; I just buy the colors I love and that's it. Frenzy is the color of stone or pebbles while Vertigo is... I don't know what Vertigo is. It's interesting, murky, and very Chanel.

So there you have it: the colors I would be wearing right now had I not messed up my nails again. What nail polish is in your current rotation?


  1. I love your picks! I agree with you that "seasonal" colors for nail polish is a dead idea, wear what you're in the mood for--plum in April, pink in December, anything goes. It's only nail polish. Today I'll be rocking Deborah Lippmans' Single Ladies, a deep merlot red.

  2. I love Vertigo! It's a good example of how the most sophisticated shades are often also the ones that are most difficult to describe accurately.


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