Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Addiction Twig Eye Shadow

Addiction eye shadow in Twig goes well with the color scheme I showed you yesterday. Twig is a charred olive green with shimmery yet smooth finish. It has the incredible pigmentation of other Addiction eye shadows (I swatched with a basic eye shadow brush, Louise Young LY46 and only swiped it once), sticks to a primer or a base like its life depend on it (well, I guess it does) and doesn't budge. I've been using my Addiction eye shadows as the main stars of various smoky eye looks. All it takes is a good small blending brush (a larger one like MAC 217 might get color beyond where you want it) so you can define and contour the lash lines, blend the color into a neutral base and you're done.

Since the colors are so intense and striking once you get familiar with the Addiction texture they can be a go to product for a very quick look. The eye shadows come in a plain black plastic packaging that was meant to be disassembled-- Addiction offers empty cases in two sizes so you can create your own palettes. They can also fit Addiction blush, and since I own Rose Bar I think I'd like to do just that, as Rose Bar is a perfect companion for a heavy eye makeup.

Bottom Line: May I have some more?

Addiction Twig Eye Shadow is available in select Japanese department stores (¥2000 JPY) or online through with a substantial markup (¥3200JPY, free shipping).


  1. Oh my that is such a beautiful color, and I can't get enough olive shadows lately. This is one of the more difficult lines to find though, isn't it?

  2. What a stunning colour. The pigmentation for one swipe is very impressive too.


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