Thursday, March 28, 2013

New From Edward Bess: Blush Extraordinaire Secret Affair, Island Blossom & Endless Dream Lipsticks

The much-anticipated new color products from Edward Bess are here (mostly. I'm still waiting for Blush Extraordinaire in Bed Of Roses to arrive). What you see here are the Blush Extraordinaire (new product/ formula) in Secret Affair (a very on-trend coral rose) and two lipsticks in brand new shades: Island Blossom (coral) and Endless Dream (cool rose).

As Edward Bess promised, he took his customers' reviews and opinions to heart and brought back production to the USA. He also returned his lipsticks to the slick round metallic tubes that close with a magnetic snap. This is seemingly a minor thing, but when it comes to a luxury lipstick every little detail counts. The products just arrived, so other than smooshing the tip of my Endless Dream lipstick and taking these sneak photos I haven't played with them yet. Reviews, swatches, and maybe some comparisons are coming next week.


  1. I am so excited to see the new (OLD!) lipstick cases again. I'm looking forward to your reviews. That blush looks beautiful!

  2. I'm glad the old tubes are back.

    Looking forward to your reviews! I just ordered Endless Dream, Rose Demure and Filled With Desire, but Secret Affair looks gorgeous too.

  3. Oh, now you've done it! I had previously announced my divorce from Mr. Bess, but it looks like there might finally be a lipstick in his lineup that's cool toned enough for me. Endless Dream is ordered and should be on its way very soon.

    I am also glad to learn that he's going back to his old packaging. My lipstick trio in the square plastic became tacky over time, but the ones in the original metal tubes I bought in 2010 are still creamy ... even if I never wear them because they turn the color of Virginia clay on my lips.

    This might bring me out of my blogger sabbatical. :) I can't wait to read your review.

  4. Hello - Is that blush in the photo more orange or a pinky peach? Also, I am so glad he brought production back to the States.

  5. I'm so glad Edward Bess takes the customers' comments seriously. I do prefer the original packaging. It's great to see him offering more vibrant colors too. Can't wait to read your reviews and try them.

  6. Hello, thanks for informing this. I'm glad Edward decides to bring production back to the U.S. I've been sorely disappointed of the products made in Taiwan and I love the old lipstick tube. I may check this out. May I ask if the lipstick has the same strong fragrance in it? Thanks!


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