Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo- Fishnet Black 90

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo was released as part of Dior Spring 2013 line. The first two shades (a gray and a pink) were included in Dior's Cherie Bow collection that I really didn't like. Fishnet Black 090 appeared a few weeks later as a Saks exclusive, and is a stand-alone product. Twin Set is a double sided thick crayon-- one end is a pencil while the other is a sheer powder eye shadow. They're meant to be layered, smudged and blended for an easy smoky eye.

Good intention count very little when it comes to high-end makeup.

Both sides of Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo are quite shimmery. I don't know why the good people at Dior decided that would be a good thing in this case. The pencil is relatively creamy and decent with medium pigment intensity. The tiny charcoal/bluish shimmer flecks aren't contributing anything to it and they're downright distracting when it comes to the other product in the set, the powder eye shadow. The latter is unconvincing and very sheer. The sponge tip of the powder is actually nice-- it allows for precision and doesn't dispense too much product at one go. This is both good and bad. Since the eye shadow is sheer you will need to really work it for satisfying smoky results. On the other hand, the texture is too dusty and prone to fallout, so adding little at a time is the way to go. Of course, it also defies the purpose of a quick and easy smoky eye (you also must use a good creamy primer that cements the product to its place and brings out a little more color intensity).

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo isn't bad. It's workable. It's just not good enough, especially compared to products like Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick  and the veteran Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil. Neither of these have a powder built in, but they're easy to smudge, quick to set, and come in a nice range of beautiful colors. They give a truly quick smoky eye onto which that you can (but not must) add a layer of good powder eye shadow.

Bottom Line: good idea, needs reworking.

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo- Fishnet Black 90 ($30) is available from Saks online and in store.

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