Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge 203 Rose Dentelle Lipstick

Yesterday I showed you a gorgeous red lipstick, Givenchy Le Rouge in Carmin Escaprin (306).  I bought a second Le Rouge lipstick, 203 Rose Dentelle, a rich and slightly retro-ish rose. Rose Dentelle is a bit too red to be considered a truly "my lips but better" shade, but it's very wearable and just so pretty!

I'm completely taken with the longevity and texture of these Givenchy lipsticks. They stay on without drying the lips, maintain their pigment and finish, and just look fabulous. As far as fragrance/taste go, it's much lighter than some other Givenchy products (I think the glosses are the most fragrant), and vanishes before I leave my dressing table. Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks come in 12 shades, and that may be my one complaint: while there are a couple of others colors that caught my eye, I'd love to have many more options.

Givenchy Le Rouge 203 Rose Dentelle Lipstick ($36) and the rest of the line are exclusive to Sephora.

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