Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tommi Sooni- Jinx

I'm in serious trouble when it comes to Tommi Sooni fragrances. I already have full bottles of Eau de Tommi Sooni I and Tarantella, and now I'm in lust with Jinx, a 2011 release from this Australian perfume house that interprets classic perfume themes in an elegant and modern way.

Jinx belongs on the same shelf as vintage Caleche and Chamade, as well as Goutal's Grand Amour and So Pretty by Cartier. Like them, Jinx is an aldehydic green floral with leaning towards chypre territory. It's also a perfect spring fragrance that opens clear, green and utterly angelic. The ethereal beauty continues to develop into a spring floral theme- green stems, delicate blossoms withstanding the cold April winds, then morphing into a beautiful bridal bouquet of white rose, muguet and jasmine.

Tommi Sooni Jinx has a heartbreaking innocence but also a strong core. The young bride is now a sophisticated city dweller, her hair perfectly coiffed, and her outfits are impeccable. She's confident and serene as she goes about her day.

The dry-down of Jinx starts a bit soapy (in the best possible and expensive way) and ends as a musky green base that whispers rather than announce itself assertively. This is probably the only thing keeping me from ordering a bottle right this minute, since longevity is somewhat questionable. It's still there, somewhat, after five or six hours, but the fragrance loses some of its bite, making me reach for my bottle of Caleche extrait just to add some backbone. I do think Jinx can make a fabulous parfum if the good people of Tommi Sooni would consider offering it in such concentration. It really begs for an elegant tiny bottle you can tuck into a vintage purse that'll make you feel like Grace Kelly.

Notes: fig, green vine leaves, grapefruit, basil, aldehydes, muguet, rose wardia, ylang ylang, jasmine, ginger, vetiver, moss, cistus, ambergris, white musk.

Jinx by Tommi Sooni ($180, 50ml EDP) is available from tommisooni.com as well as form Luckyscent (currently running a promotion and offering Jinx for only $95).

1959 Modess magazine via myvintagevogue.com
Tommi Sooni.

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  1. Yes, this stuff is really something! Just love it. If it were more widely distributed it would be a much bigger name, I completely agree. I love the warmth of the core.


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