Wednesday, March 06, 2013

White Shoes- Let's Talk About It

The white shoes and pumps trends have been around for at least six months now and still going strong. At one point in our fashionable lives we all chucked them as another horrible relic from the eighties (though I still have my eggshell colored wedding shoes stored somewhere in the basement). Now they're back (white belts, too) and celebs are wearing them on the red carpet-

Gwyneth Paltrow (Michael Kors Golden Heart Gala, October 2012):

Jimmy Choo, Viper pumps, $795

Lea Michele, Fox All-Star Party (January 2013):

Christian Louboutin ‘Paulina’ pumps, $695
Kerry Washington at the Django Unchained UK Premiere, January 2013:

Christian Louboutin

Jennifer Lopez, Parker premiere NYC, January 2013:

Elle Fanning, January 2013:

Diane Kruger, Vanity Fair Oscars party (wearing the same Christian Louboutin pumps as Lea Michele above), February 2013:

Personally, I have little problem with white pumps or sandals as long as they have an accent or a trim that keeps them interesting, expensive looking and less bridal, such as Jason Wu Peggy patent leather shoes at the top.  I can deal with just about anything except white sneakers. These should remain in Jerry Seinfeld's close and never leave it.

How about you? What do you think of the looks above? Are you planning to buy a pair of white sandals?

Celeb photos via Zimbio.


  1. I have one pair of off-white pumps, which I do wear, but they are so not-80s. They are more babydoll and do look quite sweet with dark tights. Otherwise, I can't get on board with the white shoes trend I'm afraid!

  2. I would not be caught dead in white shoes.

  3. Nope...sorry. I still hate white shoes!

  4. I love Diane Kruger's shoes. Her entire look is great, modern yet very classic. The white boots will forever remind me of Xuxa, a fiendish Brazilian child entertainer from the 80's.

  5. i love the boots. i have justin lace-up ropers in white, and white vintage cowboy boots with tassles - the kind the high-kicking cowgirl dancers wear, with a pointy toe and black heel. they get compliments every time i wear them. people are drawn to white, and if you wear it with jeans, as a funky accent, with a touch of white in your jewelry to tie it together, it works. nothing bridal about it.


  6. I don't mind white shoes, but I loathe the low cut and "toe cleavage" (as it was called back in the day) in almost all these photos. Now that's just hideous. And except for the shoes from Lanvin, they all look like the wearer will walk out of them if they lift a foot. Also not cool.

  7. I like the Louboutin pumps that Kruger and Michele are wearing. White shoes don't suit my own style very well but I've never really had much issue with them. My mother recently purchased a very unfortunate pair of plain white sneakers though, and while she's the first to admit that fashion isn't very high on her list of priorities, they truly are abominable. Maybe if I mention that bit about Seinfeld (she cannot stand him) she'll at least think twice about purchasing any more.

  8. I think , on grown women - only brides should wear white shoes .

    Brides are the only people who do not end up looking like Minnie Mouse! LOL

  9. White shoes have been around for decades and were not just a look from the eighties. They were a Memorial Day to Labor Day staple in every well-dressed woman's wardrobe for decades. I guess I'm showing my age, but I love the look of a predominately white spectator pump. It has a crisp look about it that is sporty yet "dressed", if you know what I mean. So, white shoes again? OK by me. I think it's actually a nice break from the ubiquitous nude pump that was beginning to look stale and unimaginative.

  10. Good question. White is better for sandals than pumps, IMV. White go-go boots are back?!? I'd rather see the the spectator pump that Eileen mentions come back. I'm so over the platform/hoof look. ~~nozknoz

  11. White shoes are only appropriate from Memorial Day to Labor Day; unless they are athletic shoes worn only for athletic endeavours.

    Other than that, bone or beige will answer.

    So said my Grandmother, Mother, and so say I.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  12. I'm with Lawrence on this one, well I really only wear white Ked Sneakers with summer attire (khakis)...

  13. I still associate white shoes with the patent-leather pair I wore to church - when I was 6. And what's with Gwyneth Paltrow's dress? It looks like a designer medieval rack!

  14. I don't mind white shoes at all.
    What I'm wondering at the moment is should some of these women have chosen those particular shoes as they don't really look nice on their feet. I mean, their toes particularly don't look all that comfortable in them (or visually appealing).

  15. ::gasp:: Gwyneth - white shoes with a black dress?!?!?!? (clutching pearls, reaching for smelling salts).

  16. My issue with white shoes (maybe it's only in my mind) is that they can look very cheaply made as they will show every manufacturing and/or design efect and cheap leather or pleather. And although I can spend a bit on not so cheap shoes, the super expensive ones are not within my reach. So I'd rather do metallics than whites.

    I do have a pair of Tracey Neuls (deeply discounted on ebay, love the designer but the prices are stratospheric) on super nice thick white leather front, blush sides, reddish heel and a big grosgrain red and white ribbon, so the red breaks up all the white in the shoe.


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