Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion in Monaco: Bal de la Rose du Rocher

The annual Bal de la Rose du Rocher, Monaco's grand ball is one of the most glamorous events in the known universe. Obviously it has something to do with the hosts of the evening: the royal family of Monaco, but there's also the setting, the location and the spirit of Grace Kelly (the event honors the Princess Grace Foundation). This year Princess Caroline commissioned Karl Lagerfeld to be the art director of the event. Both Caroline and her daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, wore Chanel couture, and I have to say that neither one did herself any favors.

Of course, Charlotte Casiraghi can wear anything and still look jaw-dropping stunning, but the pink plumage of this Chanel gown is just not pretty enough for her.  The shoes and bag are utterly wrong for this look-- too heavy and clunky. Her makeup (khaki and gold eye shadows, bright pink lips) was gorgeous, though, and her manicure glittery and fun.

Princess Caroline didn't fare much better. I know she just became a grandmother last week, but there's no need to channel the stereotype. Caroline is still one of the most beautiful women (and princesses) in the world, so why not have a little more fun?

Princess Charlene took a fashion risk and wore a biker jacket with her Ralph Lauren gown. Some people think she should not emphasize her swimmer shoulders, but I actually don't mind that part-- that's who she is and what she looks like, so why hide? I have absolutely no shoulders (my arms seem to sprout directly from the neck) and I envy Princess Charelene's tall and strong physique.  Still, I'm not sure the jacket contributes to the look-- it hides the gold detailing of the dress that is the main attraction of an otherwise plain gown. I'd also change the makeup. The heavy charcoal smoky eye makes Charlene look sadder than ever.

All photos Getty via Zimbio.


  1. I love Princess Charlene's jacket and her dress but not together. I wish they'd post a photo of her smiling, she looks sad in every single one.

  2. charlotte looks fantastic. agree the purse is clunky, but like the rest of it. she is gorgeous.

    maybe charlene didn't want to have a nip incident a la hathaway?! that dress is prime for one. i kinda like the risk she took with the jacket. she does look sad, poor woman. she needs to rocket out of there!

    and caroline's hair is what is aging her - although the fit of that dress did nothing for her, either.


  3. I would be sad too if stuck with that lot!
    I am not fond of that bright pink lipstick on Carolines daughter and as for the Chanel dresses - dreadful !

  4. How come people with the most money or positions in society have the least sense in projecting themselves? Where are the ladies and gents of the Victorian era? These days, it seems people are stuck between being classy and following the latest trend.

    Princess Charelene is a lovely woman, but she looks very stressed. A better smile would have done her a lot.

  5. Charlene looks way too sad, all the time. She should flee with the circus.

  6. Looks like they all stepped I to a time machine and went back to the Eighties! Bon voyage, just don't take me with you!

  7. Run for it, Charlene! I don't know if the gossip is true, but I feel for that poor woman.

  8. I feel for Princess Charlene-she is so pretty and I wish she could learn to embrace her athletic build. I bet the family has been a bit cold, she certainly could use a friend.


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