Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aroma M- Geisha Blue

Perfumes with blue in their name (or a blue juice) tend to be of the sporty aquatic variety, also known as not my thing. At all. But Geisha Blue by the talented Maria Mcelroy of Aroma M is nothing like that. The blue here is blue chamomile and the tranquility of a blue sky that stretches forever while you're lying on the grass staring at little fluffy white clouds.

Aroma M fragrances are always little fantasies that transform me to beautiful places I never knew existed. This is the case here-- I don't know where this meadow is, but I smell the flowers, green grass and leaves, a cool breeze that comes from the nearby trees, and sweetness-- some of it is part of the perfume, but it's also the tranquility and well-being that it inspires. While at first Geisha Blue may seem like a simple little floral, it becomes an enveloping and addictive sensation, like a gift to myself and my skin.

Notes: blue chamomile, green tea, leafy greens, jasmine, honey.

Geisha Blue perfume oil by aroma M ($55, 1/4 oz roll on) is available from Luckyscent. The sample for this review was sent to me by the perfumer.

Art: Vitali Komarov-  White Camomile Flowers With Blue Background, 2002

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of this beauty! Your lovely review inspired me to finally make a purchase (GB has been on my wishlist for almost ten years).


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