Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Diptyque- Jacinthe Candle

I promised you a candle that smells a bit more airy and is weather appropriate. Here's one of the most beautiful home fragrances I know: Jacinthe by Diptyque. I worried that it was discontinued (Jacinthe made several appearances on Hautelook), but it seems to be available in limited distribution from Diptyque stores and the website, at least for now.

Jacinthe by Diptyque is early spring bottled (or captured in wax): a little sharp, a little green, somewhat woody with a handful of damp earth, and a divine flower soaring clean and clear into the air. Some Diptyque candles have more throw and presence than others, and Jacinthe is one of the more assertive ones, while still embodying the tenderness of the hyacinth flower. I get many hours of burn time from Jacinthe, and like all Diptyque candles, the wick needs to be trimmed every time  otherwise it smokes to high heaven.

Diptyque- Jacinthe Candle ($60) is available from diptyqueparis.com.

Art: Blue Hyacinth by Linda Etcoff.

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