Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kate Walsh- Billionaire Boyfriend

The photo above (taken from her official Tumblr) is the reason I'm giving Kate Walsh the benefit of a doubt. Let's assume that the name Billion Boyfriend and the whole concept of the second Kate Walsh perfume (following the original Boyfriend) is a tongue-in-cheek thing, kind of like the adorable 1953 Marilyn Monroe/Lauren Bacall/Betty Grable movie. I really hope so, because otherwise. Ugh. Let's not even go there (Ari on scents Of Self already did).

The fragrance itself is bad enough (Jen of This Blog Really Stinks disagrees). Perfumes rarely surprise me these days, but I wasn't prepared to how cheap and unoriginal this thing smells. Billionaire Boyfriend is a sugary white floral that reeks of the 1980s in the worst possible way. In fact, it makes me think of something of my youth's drugstores, but not from the perfume aisle. Most likely some deodorant or other body product aimed at teens. Unlike the first Kate Walsh Boyfriend, this one screeches and hollers, like fourteen year old girls in public places during the most obnoxious stage of their social development.

The note list for Billionaire Boyfriend mentioned jasmine, orchid, and gardenia. None of the floral notes I smell here come from nature. It's the stuff they put in (cheap) room sprays, car trees, and really questionable household products. The creamy amber dry-down has a strong element of fake caramel that dominates my skin for hours and is rather hard to wash off clothes. I'm sure that somewhere there's a person who smells good in Billionaire Boyfriend, but I'm certainly not the one. Even on a blotter, though, this thing smells like the love child of Pink Sugar and Giorgio Beverly Hills that is revealed amid a paternity fight on Maury.

"Let Him Spoil You". Please don't.

Notes: Bergamot, Tangerine, Green Lush Leaf, Black Jasmine, Black Velvet Orchid, Gardenia, Patchouli Flower, Amber, Cistus, Vetiver, Sandalwood.

Kate Walsh- Billionaire Boyfriend ($35, 0.5 oz EDP) is available from Sephora.


  1. I liked her first scent well enough, but good to know this isn't a must try sort of scent.
    I like the idea of cuddling with the kitties on the couch, now that's my idea of cozy!

  2. I don't know why celebs think that they are perfume designers. I just don't get it. But they roll out scent after scent and none of them last. Just proves that Chanels and Diors come around but rarely in this life. There is a reason that some scents become legendary and last for eons.

  3. I want to know how on earth they got all those kitties to play nice and sit on the sofa at the same time!

  4. I loathe the original--it's one of the worst things I've ever smelled. I can't believe there's a follow-on. Ugh.

  5. Re: This review.

    Best laugh I've had all week. Thank you for the review and my sympathies for your nose.

    - Kel

  6. is the "crazy cat lady" pic supposed to make me want to be like her? i love cats, but wow... even i don't want to go there. although the cats do look adorably comfy, and i totally dig that! and if they're all rescues, then yey! all good. just not inspiring on other levels!

    the first "boyfriend" is a loud, brash and deeply woody yet sweet scent. a co-worker wore it a lot a while back, and i'm glad she finally switched scents! i still smell it here and there, though. and i am ashamed to admit i actually bought a small bottle of it a year or so ago. don't know what i was thinking that day at sephora. i guess i just wanted SOMETHING. i've only worn it once. it grated on me.


  7. "...this thing smells like the love child of Pink Sugar and Giorgio Beverly Hills that is revealed amid a paternity fight on Maury."
    I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Thank you!


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