Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Slumberhouse- Pear & Olive

Pear & Olive is a prime example for the creativity of Josh Lobb of Slumberhouse. This is a summer fragrance unlike anything else; and while in my personal case there's a weird transition between bottle or blotter to actual skin, I'm still in awe of this perfume.

Pear & Olive is a warm, round and sensual fragrance. Pear in perfume often sends me running for my life (Gwen Stefani L, Goutal Petite Cherie), but the Slumberhouse idea of a pear is something golden that has been warmed by a gentle sun. It's juicy, tempting, and you want to sink your teeth into its flesh, but oddly it isn't quite a pear, just the impression of one. The thing is, that on my skin the first couple of hours I wear Pear & Olive are all about an oily coconut. Not coconut oil, but a fresh coconut soaked in oil, which on the blotter is clearly a salty olive oil, but my skin makes it lose the salt and become very sweet and beachy.

Then there's the booze. Cognac, whiskey, and who knows what else, aged and full-bodied, with a long lasting presence and a very substantial sillage that would have  made me smell like I just did the walk of shame after a remarkably spectacular night if it weren't for the fruit and coconut nectar that is still there keeping things at an innocent level. It doesn't quite come together on my skin as it does on a blotter or on the rest of humanity. I've smelled Pear & Olive on others and know that my skin isn't doing the fragrance any favors. Thankfully, other Slumberhouse perfumes are a much better fit so I don't feel too left out. I do urge you to give Pear & Olive a try if you haven't yet, because it can be an amazing adventure.

Slumberhouse- Pear & Olive ($125, 30ml extrait de parfum) is available from Indiescents.com, http://slumberhou.se as well as from Parfum1.com.

Art: Paul Cézanne - Pot of Flowers and Pears, 1890.


  1. I think this may be the first time I've been tempted by a scent containing pear. Wonder if they will send samples to Australia?

  2. I had a sample of P&O from Parfum1. I loved the warmth of the fragrance but was a bit self-conscious about the oiliness. In the end I decided not to get a bottle because all the friends I polled reacted negatively to the scent, and they are not exactly Coach Poppy lovers. So using it for office wear was out; all the food notes obscured any sensuality so that took care of possible romantic use.
    Still, it is an unusual fragrance and your description of opening warmth and comfort is very accurate. Longevity is very good.

  3. I just received a sample of this fragrance and reading this makes me anxious to try it!

  4. I could never "get" this fragrance - to me it just smells like a handful of different smells (including coconut! I am glad you smell this too) coming together in an awkward collision. I prefer the smoke, tobacco, and resinous scents that Slumberhouse does so well.


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