Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013 Collection: Satins

Zoya offers two new collections for Fall 2013 (other than the latest installment in their Pixie Dust series): Satins and Cashmeres. Today we're looking at the latter, which is somewhat of the misnomer: five of these six new Zoya polish colors have a finish that's somewhere between metallic and a refined micro-shimmer, while the sixth is straight on glitter. But who cares about names when the colors themselves are so beautiful. While my favorite for everyday wearing is the low-key Claudine, I can't stop playing with the other ones. Here's what comes in Zoya Satins:

Maria Louisa- a gold glitter suspended in a clear base (Originally designed for Rafael Cennamo/AW13). Intended for layering over another color.
Neve- a metallic sapphire blue.
Giovanna-  a metallic emerald. One of the most beautiful colors this season.
Claudine- a metallic graphite/charcoal.
Mason- a metallic fuchsia that leans pink. For some reason it looks horrid against my skin.
Channing- a metallic rust color. A nice twist on a classic fall theme.

Zoya Fall 2013 Collection: Satins ($8 each) is available from The products were sent for my consideration by the company.

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