Monday, July 22, 2013

It's A Boy!

King Arthur I (or II)? King Henry IX?
I vote for Jonathan, like my own little nephew.

Unrelated photos of Great-Granny via Zimbio.


  1. I was thrilled with the announcement. It's wonderful to see the family circle filled with such joy and the out-pouring of a nation's goodwill. By all accounts, William and Kate are going to make great parents. Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their son! Hopefully we'll soon learn the little prince's name :-)

  2. Thanks for posting those great pics of the Queen, Gaia! Her hats used to be so dowdy ... not anymore. They now show off that incredible smile (she was more gorgeous than any Hollywood star, in her younger years). Now, that's a woman.

  3. p.s. My money's on the name "George".

  4. No, dear. There will be no John or Jonathan, as King John wasn't thought greatly of (for good reason). It is tradition to avoid names of that ilk. The thoughts are George, Edward, or Alexander. Perhaps James could be considered. But any variation of John, no. Also, by tradition they have a few weeks to finally decide on the name.

    Of course we all wish the Royal Couple and their new son great happiness.

  5. I'm kind of thinking James perhaps, I believe Diana was descended from one of the Kings James. Maybe they would like to pick the name of a mostly English king rather than one of the latter ones that were more German in origin.

  6. I am over the moon over the news! I was happy to hear both mother and baby are healthy. My vote would be for James or George.

  7. James doesn't seem a particularly auspicious name, given what happened to the last king of that name. George seems much less risky in that respect and would be a tribute to Queen Elizabeth's father.

  8. what a delightful smile she has!

    and yey, new prince george alexander louis!


    1. !!!! Interesting "Louis" ...maybe in honour of Lord Mountbatten (who was a real mentor and uncle to Prince Charles before he was killed) ... hmmmm!


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