Monday, July 29, 2013

L’Artisan Parfumeur- Thé Pour Un Été

Thé Pour Un Été from L'Artisan is a classic summer fragrance. Technically it's an eau de toilette, but the ephemeral quality and sparkling nature of this Olivia Giacobetti creation puts it in the same group as the lightest colognes and other summer scents. This means that Thé Pour Un Été is sheer and gossamer-like. It offers a cheerful clean jasmine steeped in green tea; no angst and no baggage involved; what you smell is what you feel, and it's all incredibly pretty. This L'Artisan fragrance is the equivalent of having a beautiful pitcher of iced jasmine tea with slices of lemon and a mint sprig floating in it.

This refreshing cold drink of a perfume is not very efficient during the day. As magical as this burst of beauty feels, it also fades within the hour. So I only wear it at home where I can re-spritz as much as needed, or before bed, to make the summer night that much more beautiful. The thing about L'Artisan Thé Pour Un Été is that it provides comfort and relief-- such as the feeling of entering a wonderfully air-conditioned room after a long day outdoors. You take a long shower and revel in the clean sensation of water. You then put on a white robe, sprawl on the cool bed with its crisp white sheets and and try to swallow every last bit of cold air. There's that pitcher of iced tea waiting in the fridge. It's going to be a very nice evening.

Notes: Jasmine Tea, Green Tea, hints of lemon and peppermint.

L’Artisan Parfumeur- Thé Pour Un Été ($145, 100ml) is available from Luckyscent, Parfum1, Henri Bendel, Barneys, Aedes, Blue Mercury and several small local boutiques.

Art: Jasmine Tea by Emma Forrester.


  1. Oh, yes! I was wearing this yesterday and can't think why I don't use it more often, especially when the weather is so hot. It was cooling, green and pretty, and in fact lasted longer on me than some of my other summer scents. It made a change from all the citrus colognes, and I shall be spritzing this on for the rest of the week as we are expecting high temperatures again.

  2. What a lovely review of one of my very favorite summer scents. I agree that it's terribly fleeting: I do wear it during the day, but always carry a decant to refresh multiple times. It's a true summer joy and you've captured it perfectly.

  3. this one is very pretty - and long-lasting. it's been a while since i've pulled out the bottle, but if i remember correctly, it has a really nice musk in the finish which makes it pleasurable and interesting.



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