Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo- Nude No. 6

Here's one of the brand new stylo crayons from Hourglass Femme Nude range. The idea behind it is that "nude lips" are not and should not look like a beige concealer. Instead, Hourlass is offering six shades, from pale pink to mauve beige, that appear alive, yet help tone down the natural pigment of the lips. Nude No.6 is a warm mauve beige, very pigmented and semi opaque. It does the job for me quite nicely, as it doesn't completely obliterate my lip color. This Hourglass crayon goes with my coloring and delivers the perfect nude lip for me. The effect seems subtle at first, but when I do my eyes up I get exactly what countless of ugly beige lipsticks could have never supply: a healthy look.

The formula and finish of Hourglass Femme Nude are smooth and satiny. It's not quite matte but close enough and I do experience some drying after a couple of hours if my lips aren't well-prepped. On hydrated lips, though, the crayon wears comfortably and has an impressive longevity with minimal transferring. The crayon is easy to use and the twist mechanism saves time and product (no sharpening needed).

Bottom Line: made me a believer.

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo ($30) is available from and select department stores. The product for this review was sent free of charge by the company.


  1. Thank you *so* much for this review! I had my eye on this, but I know it won't work for me. Time to wait for the next lemming!

  2. I wish you would post a picture with the stuff on your lips. The way colours look on you turns out to be approximately the way they look on me, which I would never have expected, since I am darker than you with yellow undertones. But for some reason they just DO! Nudes are SO tough and I have to buy so many brands unseen online that pics would be appreciated!

  3. Was this the exact shade that Reece Witherspoon was wearing in your post that features both this product and the lipstick lancome rouge in love in jolis matains (not too sure of spelling...)


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