Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kjaer Weis- Divine & Onyx Eye Shadow

I'm a huge fan of Kjaer Weis eye shadows and recently added two of them to my makeup collection. Both Divine and Onyx eye shadows are variations on dark charcoal. Divine has a satin finish while Onyx offers a silvery blue shimmer. Like all Kjaer Weis eye shadows, these two are smooth and soft with an addictive texture.

Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the wonderful makeup artist who founded the brand, suggests:
Divine will shade the eye and give the illusion of not wearing make-up. When applied to the crease, Divine gives beautiful, subtle depth to the eye. You can do a light smoky-eye with it alone, or use Divine as the stepping-stone for a great smoky-eye with our Onyx Eye Shadow.
Kjaer Weis eye shadows are made of 70% organic raw materials and they qualify as a natural product. You will notice that the ones I have here are the refill versions. Kjaer Weis makeup comes in a gorgeous sleek and modern refillable packaging (you can see it in my review of Wisdom). I had an empty Z Palette around, so I opted to get the refills this time.

Bottom Line: Love.

Kjaer Weis refill eye shadows ($22 each) are available from kjaerweis.com/store and spiritbeautylounge.com.

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