Thursday, October 17, 2013

Currently- October 2013

How in the world can it already be mid-October?

There's a perfume book and a beauty book that I plan to review next week. I'll tell you more soon.

Girlyman- Everything's Easy


I can't wait for the new season of Grimm. I Need my Munroe fix.

Soivohle- Carpathian Oud. The husband will steal the samples if I'm not careful, and I love it just as much as he does.

I've been recreating variations on this simple eye look by Lisa Eldridge, using Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. I also did a glam version mixing Chanel Stylo in Moon River and the Smoke Caviar Stick. It really is a 3 minute smoky eye.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
A vintage necklace I got on eBay that has an Art Nouveau feel.

Pizza. I had some wonderful ones lately. Apparently the rumor was right and the best Italian food in the city is actually in Brooklyn.

Tea, always. But I have a weird craving for a pumpkin spice latte.

Realizing that my eyesight is really really questionable.

The weather. Time with friends. Late nights in the city. All of the above together.

Getting my pretty new glasses.

More perfume reference books. There aren't enough of them out there.

Random Thought Photo
Cedric is very proud of his spotted belly.

How are you doing? Please share your recommendations, banes, and thoughts!

Art: Marcia Baldwin, The Cove.


  1. Book: Nicholson Baker's latest novel, "Traveling Sprinkler." Picks up on the appealing characters in his "The Anthologist."

    Music: Peter Gabriel's "So." Fresh in 1986, fresh in 2013.

    Anticipation (NOT!) Turning on the central heating for the season.

    Food: Muller Corner Greek style yogurt, particularly the almond or strawberry flavors.

    Fragrance: Micaleff's Pomelos.

    Clothes: cotton sweaters.

    Bane: Washingtoon D. C. I am grateful for my GOOD senator, Sherrod Brown, and my GOOD representative, Tim Ryan.

    Happiness for friends in New Jersey (I have four!) Cory Booker.

    Grateful for: Friends, cats, running hot water, and flowers, among many other things.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  2. Book: Robert Musil - The Man Without Qualities

    Music: King Krule - Easy Easy

    TV: Bron/Broen (The Bridge), the second season of Swedish-Danish series

    Fragrance: October has turned into L'Artisan month, so far I have worn Bois Farine, Tea for Two, Dzongkha, Mandarine Tout Simplement, Safran Troublant, Poivre Piquant and Mûre et Musc Extrême.

    Frequently worn item: yellow Dr Martens boots, they match the fallen leaves and are like little suns on grey and gloomy days.

  3. Love Cedric!

  4. Book: On line fixation on every day news.....
    Music: Eleni Tsaligopoulou (Greek singer), cafe del mar, Bram Stoker's "Drakula" soundtrack. (??? I know..)
    TV: I don't watch tv. It bores me.
    Perfume: Bergamot - Apivita, Hesperide' - Patyka, Oltre - Laura Tonatto
    Makeup: Earthy tones
    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit: I already wear my blue boots, summer and winter clothes combined in blue, gray, blue-green colours
    Food: I am in a state that i eat food, but i don't enjoy it, which is extremely rare for me.
    Drink: Mint herbal tea, capuccino (what a pleasure to start the morning at work)
    Bane: Realising that our country gets in the road to perdition, which is at least sad.
    Joy: Watching old favorite movies, sometimes black and whites. They relax me, i even do the housework hearing the voices as a background. A Greek tv searies called "50-50" on youtube, that really makes me laugh. Simple little things... my collection of perfumes......
    Wishlist: I want to paint. For the love of God i have to lose weight.
    Anticipation: I want to take my next degree in french.
    Random Thought : I wish health to each and everyone in the world, but i beleive it's not enough.

  5. Book: Mo Meta Blues by Questlove. Inspiring.

    Food: Apples from the farmers market. Rubinette, Cox Orange Pippin, Macoun, King Solomon, Esopus Spitzenburg (mostly just for getting to spit that out), Northern Spy are all in the house!

    Smells: Mecca Balsam, Rose Boheme by Providence Perfume (love!), Amouage Jubilation 25 body cream, Hunter by MCMC. Winter is coming.

    Bane: moving. And the sticker shock of rent in the Bay Area!

  6. October has not been great for me. In hospital twice so hospital food - yik. Reading shocking magazines and watching daytime TV - again - yik. Had to cancel a holiday because of this illness - :(
    Wearing some soft Goutal scents in hospital - yum . My perfume made me happy . Home now and hoping I stay here this time! Enjoying my two dogs that missed me.
    Roll on November! LOL
    *Soft pats to Cedric who would scare my two dogs! Yes they are sooky! LOL

    1. So sorry to see your latest news - I hope that you are feeling much better and that you continue to improve and keep out of hospital.

  7. Book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts - can't put it down
    Music: Lonerism by Tame Impala - seeing them at the Greek on Oct 29th w/ Flaming Lips and White Denim
    TV: Homeland and Top Chef New Orleans - oh, and MSNBC for the dreary shut down saga
    Perfume: Timbuktu by L'Artisan
    Make-up: Goe Oil ! Take care of dry skin in SoCal and smell like Hawaii
    Frequently Worn Item: A vintage Bama t-shirt
    Food: fried catfish tacos w/ chipotle mayo
    Drink: Saint Martinis - vodka, grapefruit, a splash of St. Germain, and muddled basil
    Bane: Ted Cruz
    Joy: My cats Moondoggie, Mrs. Robinson, and Bandit!
    Anticipation: post-Thanksgiving Palm Springs weekend
    Wishlist: new J Brand jeans
    Random Thought: Not so random but I hope Lady Jicky (above) pulls through and feels better than ever!

  8. There's just nothing as beautiful as a kitty feeling totally comfortable, letting its tummy be so shamelessly displayed! I always look forward to your photos showing your cats with your makeup. Thanks! Shelley

  9. Simply in a state of pure joy this past week. About six weeks ago, DH decided to take my most beloved feline child out for a walk on a harness he got at out pet store. AAARGH! Sweet intention, but our beloved little girl (formerly feral for a full year before we brought her inside two years ago) managed to escape almost immediately from the harness and took off to the woods. My world went black. I love all our other feline children beyond reason as well (no human children as a conscious choice because I've known since I was a child that I'd be a far better and more natural mother to animals), but this child was the runt of her litter - very small and born with only one kidney, one ovary and several other problems and I've always felt super protective of her. We also feed several feral cats on our back porch - all fixed, but the two males (huge) are still extremely territorial and run off any other cats who try to approach. This meant that Georgina had almost no chance of returning without being attacked. I was in total despair - literally didn't think I could take the grief. We tried to trap the males, so we could board them until Georgina could return, but they wouldn't get near the cages since the memory of having been trapped and fixed had not gone away. Anyway, a week ago at midnight I heard her meowing on the back porch - she'd managed to get there while they were gone. *Unbelievable* joy! She'd been gone so long that I had almost given up every last trace of hope. She was down to skin and bones and has clearly been attacked multiple times, but the vet says she's going to be fine. I am grateful to the universe to the extreme. Nothing at all can disturb me (including some rather unfortunate medical stuff - all of which I feel I can totally cope with now).
    Current perfumes are Mandy's Cassis and Tango (the kids seem to love all of Mandy's perfumes).
    Love the pictures of your cats. That picture of Cedric has me smiling from ear to ear - pure feline contentment and bliss.

  10. Thankyou Moondoggie - I got a real bad flu and then pneumonia in my right lung happened !

  11. Books: espionage series by Dame Stella Rimington, first woman to head MI5 and inspiration for Judy Dench's character in Skyfall. Lead character Liz Carlyle is based on DSR and her female colleagues at MI5 and MI6.
    Perfume: this is the perfect time of the year for BK Liaisons Dangereuses and Rose Oud.
    Joy: Byzantine art from Greece at DC's National Gallery of Art, including a case of glass perfume flasks.
    Anticipation: exhibit on art of yoga opening this weekend at the Freer and Sackler Galleries in DC
    Random thought: Thinking how wonderful these lists are, and planning to print the headings on pages for my Filofax as a reminder to notice and focus regularly. nozknoz

  12. Aaaww, Cedric has every right to be proud of his furry spotted belly! ^_^


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