Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shiseido Harmony RD750 Perfect Rouge Lipstick

Shiseido lipsticks rank very high in my shortlist. Every Shiseido Perfect Rouge I tried in the last five years ended up being a Big Love and in frequent use. The combination of a high coverage creamy texture and a beautiful formula that wears like feather-light balm is a true winner. Oh, and the colors are fabulous, too.

Harmony RD750 was added to Shiseido Perfect Rouge range for fall 2013. It's a slightly muted everyday red, a category that Shiseido has always excelled in making: a lipstick you (or st least I) will wear to the very last crumb. I know that compared to the glitz and glam of all the holiday collections this color is a bit of a wallflower, but it's the one I want to wear. All.The.Time.

Shiseido Harmony RD750 Perfect Rouge Lipstick ($25) is available at the counters, Sephora, and Shiseido.com. Also, if you have a freestanding Shiseido boutique anywhere near you (usually located near Japanese markets) I highly recommend visiting and doing your shopping there. These stores always have the best GWPs around (not to mention SAs who really know their stuff).


  1. Do you like the reformulated Perfect Rouges? I love my old ones but haven't gotten to trying the new formula yet.

  2. I love Harmony! The colour is one of my go to's and the formula is amazing


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